UMS Group

UMS is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in strategic and commercial asset management. Since 1989, we are helping our customers to get the best value out of their assets and we have developed an extensive ‘best practice’ database for the global energy sector.

We combine experienced utility consultants and seasoned industry professionals with world class tools and intellectual capital to assist our clients in diagnosing problems, designing solutions, and implementing change. Our team consists of technical experts in plant and grid infrastructure, experienced managers in risk and asset management in infrastructure companies, and trading & portfolio management executives. We are also one of the founding fathers of PAS55 and with ISO 55000 now in place we offer companies guidance to get their strategy and policies aligned in order to get certified.  

One of the strengths of UMS Group is that we develop products and insights from a global perspective. We offer our clients unique knowledge of global industry best practices through the use of benchmark products, we deliver tailor-made consultancy in the field of strategic and commercial asset management and UMS Group’s Spend Optimization Suite supports utility asset managers and financial specialists in making investment spending decisions.

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