Financial services changed and will change even more. Fincog supports to make the right strategic choices and guide implementation so our clients can capitalize on the promise of financial innovations.

The Fintech Consulting Group, or Fincog, was established in 2017 by Jeroen de Bel in Amsterdam to help challengers and incumbents take advantage of fintech in a structured and profitable manner.

Our team of senior consultants help to navigate today’s dynamic financial services landscape; from assessment to strategy, and then, on to implementation and profitability. We offer a global network of senior industry experts covering all challenges for leaders in the financial service industry.

How we can help you

We support our clients in building, from inception to implementation, the bank of the future

Over the last decade we have witnessed the global rise of fintech across many segments. As the market matures and becomes more competitive, it’s increasingly important to distinguish yourself and establish a sustainable business model. Both the market and segment you are active in are crucial drivers for potential success.

We help our clients build neo banks, and then make them profitable. Fincog combines strategy consulting with implementation support to ensure you build the right solutions and build them in the right way.