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Innovators and thought leaders in information management and software development.

Semmtech is an IT Service Provider and Consultancy. We are interoperability experts and elevate the shareability of data between departments, across applications, and within supply chains, leading to professionals working freely and unrestrictedly.

We see business processes, information, and software as a united whole but understand the differences between challenges in the workplace, the ones for management and those for IT administrators. Our specialists combine data, design, and technology knowledge with deep industry experience to add value by making clients agile in choosing software solutions, highly data-driven, efficient in information management, and free from vendor lock-in.

That is how our pragmatic consultants enable asset owners, engineers, contractors, or product suppliers to work efficiently, effectively, and scalable. They deliver strategy and easily translate it into tactical decisions and operational actions, enabling you to lead in highly competitive and global industries and succeed in projects where complex products are made.

We are specialized in eight industries and have expertise in the following:

  • Digital Strategy
    We enable you to exploit the power of data and new technologies to optimize operations.
  • Semantic modeling
    We support and train you to capture the meaning of data to benefit from a knowledge-centric approach.
  • Master Data management
    We assist in managing and distributing data over teams and software to be used repeatedly.
  • Linked Data
    We implement principles to share, publish, and use data from different sources in a machine-readable way.
  • Ontology-driven development
    We combine semantics with software development to add interoperability, reduce costs, and save time.
  • Integration
    We help you to retrieve data from multiple sources in a singular and simplified way.
  • Enterprise architecture
    We offer you enterprise architecture as a backbone and blueprint for digital transformation.
  • AI/NLP
    We analyze unstructured data and automatically create Structure and derive meaning from the data.


We always seek bright minds to join our Consultancy practice or Development team. Visit or contact us via if you’re looking for an internship, a junior- or established consultant position, or want to know more about our developer vacancies.

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