We offer agility to those who shape the world.

Semmtech provides information consulting and a proprietary SaaS/PaaS solution, based on semantic technology for Linked Data, to support our clients in sharing their data internally and with their partners.

Asset owners, engineers, contractors or product suppliers never work in isolation and each project is different somehow in terms of clients, suppliers, partners and process. We help to standardize our clients’ information management and enable them to work more efficient, effective and scalable. From strategy and tactical design decisions to operational support, we make our clients succeed.

What makes us unique?

We see business processes, information and software as a united whole. And we understand the differences between challenges for project managers and engineers, for management, and those for data modelers and information managers. We improve business processes with practical software tools and services, and make information management easier and cheaper.

  • Front-runner in Linked Data and semantic technology
  • One-of-a-kind data platform offering (Laces)
  • Strategically positioned in large and multinational clients

Our offerings

Model-based Systems Engineering (SEm)

  • Standardize the ways of working of our clients through a unique combination of model-based systems engineering practices and implementation and configuration of low-code / no-code applications.

IT & Data strategy

  • Support our clients’ ambitions in the area of information management (why), the desired interaction model with customers and partners (how), and the technologies, processes and capabilities that are necessary to achieve that vision (what).

Linked Data consulting

  • Help our clients transform into data-driven companies, linking and optimizing their data using Object Type Libraries (OTL), Specifications Libraries (SPL) and Blueprint Libraries (BPL).

Linked Data solutions

  • Our proprietary SaaS platform LacesHub and applications can help Capture, Share and Apply linked data within our clients’ departments – breaking down the silos – and share with partners and customers.


We are always looking for bright minds to join our Consultancy practice or Development team. Reach out to us via if you’re looking for an internship, a position as a junior- or established consultant, or want to know more about our developer vacancies.

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