Established in 2013, Xomnia is one of the pioneering Data & AI consultancies in the Netherlands. We empower people, society, and businesses to responsibly seize the opportunities offered by data and AI. We do this while remaining true to our values that attract, engage, and retain some of the most outstanding and dedicated talents in our industry.

Our Values

We work as one team, as equals, together and with our clients. We share knowledge, experience, adventures & life! With a positive and open mindset, we make the ride enjoyable for each other.

Fearless authenticity
Just be yourself, nothing more, nothing less. We believe in the power of diversity. Be honest, transparent and have integrity. That's how we make an impact!

Making an impact that matters
We are result-oriented, determined to get the job done and take our social responsibility (and responsible AI) very seriously. This is how we create value for each other and for our clients.

Take pride in your work and be motivated by mastery. Do things well, or don't do them at all. It is all about that passion!

Dreams only come true by doing. Be proactive, business savvy, adventurous, and do challenge the status quo. Make things happen!

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