Accenture is een wereldwijd professional services bedrijf met een compleet aanbod diensten en oplossingen op het vlak van strategie, consultancy, digital, technologie, security en operations. 

Met ongekende ervaring en gespecialiseerde vaardigheden in meer dan 40 marktsectoren en voor alle bedrijfsfuncties is Accenture actief op het snijvlak van business en technologie. Deze activiteiten worden ondersteund door het grootste wereldwijde delivery-netwerk. Het uitgebreide aanbod van Accenture stelt klanten in staat hun prestaties continu te verbeteren en duurzame waarde voor aandeelhouders te creëren. Met meer dan 505.000 collega’s die klanten in ruim 120 landen ondersteunen, is Accenture aanjager van innovaties die nodig zijn om de manier waarop de wereld werkt en leeft - te verbeteren.

Op het vlak van strategie, consultancy, digital, technologie, security en operations biedt Accenture verschillende oplossingen en diensten. Lees meer op en voor onze mensen, cultuur en vacatures op

Strategy & Consulting

The everchanging pace of market developments will only continue to accelerate in the future – and many organizations struggle to challenge new innovative competition within the market. How do different innovations influence the market, what are the results and how can companies adapt themselves to remain agile in the future? 

Accenture Strategy & Consulting is the driving force in helping companies answer such questions. You will advise C-level management in their strategic blueprints – based on data analysis, experience, expertise and an innovative approach. Together with a diverse team of experts, you will challenge current industry obstacles and find the key solution for clients in their current markets: Surpassing the disruption through our end-to-end services, consolidating future success for organizations. 


Embedded in our services-based Operations group are colleagues with a real can-do attitude. Your sole drive is meeting the requests of clients in creating a pragmatic approach to recent innovative IT developments – enhancing future agile performance and efficiency. Orchestrating the logistics behind end-to-end processes such as same day free global ecommerce client delivery? Which platform and IT system would be most effective? By working closely together with an international team of professional, specialized in improving client efficiency, you will find new solutions achieving peak operational performance. 


Our colleagues in the services-based Technology group help clients, both big and small, by revolutionizing their strategic blueprints for IT transformations. Which cloud platform fits best with client X? How do certain IT-solutions impact the risk analysis of suppliers? How can organizations become more agile and through what process are new applications developed from design thinking workshops?

Working closely alongside clients and an international team of professionals, you will develop innovative solutions based on their roadmaps, through mediums such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Throughout the blueprint process you will engage in the development of defense strategies, combining technology and user behavior, to ensure the security of your client. Together we connect the needs of clients with upcoming innovative technologies to prepare them for the future.  


The marketing landscape has drastically changed and continues to do so today. Consumers expect the better-quality market experience, both online and offline. Accenture Interactive offers a new approach as agency and bureau. Creating a unique blend of consultancy, creation and technology. Our position as an experienced agency enables us to connect brand value with consumer expectancies – by creating agile transformative consumer experiences.

Join our international team of UX designers, data scientists and creative designers to work on innovative end-to-end projects revolutionizing the marketing blueprints of our clients. 

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