Masterclass Transformation Journey

12 weken
Startdatum - Locatie
19 september 2024 - Virtueel
Aantal deelnemers
5-10 personen

Execute on purpose, driven by data!

Craft your own open, and visual space, where purpose meets strategy and execution

  • Learn to create a company-wide and connected Purpose, Vision, Mission and Strategy.
  • The #1 programme to design your own organisation's
    WHY, WHAT and HOW.
  • Build all the transformation skills you need to
    drive your company's (or client) people-centric transformation.
  • Create a Governance of Trust and company-wide transparency through visual management, Big Room planning, and Obeya.

Is your organisation facing challenges like

  • No clear WHY, WHAT or HOW
    Absence of  a compelling Purpose and Storyline about WHY your company exists and WHAT, and HOW it will bring value
  • Lack in leadership and direction
    In the absence of a common Purpose and/or clear priorities about what really matters, your leaders behave like firefighters
  • Slow to adapt
    Time-to-market is slow and the company's ability to adapt is held back by internal constraining processes 
  • Change resistance 
    People are not engaged or willing to cooperate, and support the upcoming to change
  • Lack in alignment and collaboration
    Your leadership system is still based on hierarchy and silos, which results in conflicts of interest and confusion in teams

Twinxter - Masterclass Transformation Journey

Learning outcomes

This programme's Learning Journey helps you to explore and build the skills and capabilities necessary to successfully design and create, company-wide Business Agility in your organisation.
  • Lead with agility
    Grow your skills and capabilities to lead your organisation with agility, build an environment of experimentation & continuous learning, and create a leadership system of trust.
    ‘With my new skillset I am able to accelerate the Purpose-driven Transformation in my organisation.’
  • Self-organisation
    Design your new, adaptive operating model, based on self-organising teams, distributed leadership and aligned autonomy, so you are able to grow and scale.
    'Now I am able to create an exciting place in which everyone flourishes and enjoys working.' 
  • Governance of Trust
    Profound understanding of how to make company-wide alignment tangible and build a transparent Governance of Trust through visual management.
    ‘Visual management like the Obeya enables me to have valuable dialogues with our teams and customers about goal-setting and the prioritisation of work, aligned to our purpose and strategy.’
  • Transform by Purpose
    Ability to apply Twinxter’s unique 4-step approach to purpose-finding and storytelling in your organisation.
    This 4-step approach enables me to identify WHO we are, WHY we exist and HOW to validate our story and purpose.’
  • Connected relationship 
    Design and recognise the relationship between a connected Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy, Values and Principles.
    ‘I am able to build an inter-company framework based on customer and employee needs, and connect all the necessary dots to execute it.’
  • Interactive change-communication
    Clear understanding of how to set up interactive change-communication with people, thereby creating a desire within them to build the future organisation together.
    ‘By improving our change communication and interaction, employees are now much happier and more engaged with the transformation.’

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Aanbieder: Twinxter

Type: Training

Kosten: €6.997,-

Duur: 12 weken

Startdatum - Locatie
  • 19 september 2024 - Virtueel

Aantal deelnemers: 5-10 personen

Doelgroep: Professionals

Taal: Engels

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