Masterclass Obeya fundamentals

1 dag
Startdatum - Locatie
05 juli 2024 - Virtueel
20 juni 2024 - Virtueel
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Change professionals

Execute on purpose, driven by data!

Craft your own open, and visual space, where purpose meets strategy and execution


5 hrs. virtual live and follow-up support. Discover the essentials of a data-driven leadership system

5 hr. virtual live session
1 hr. follow-up Q&A
±2 hrs. self-study
Pass the exam

    1 Live session and a follow-up session with our top tutors to help you execute on purpose.
    Free access to our community and meet your fellow students.
    A workbook to meet your goals and fulfill your purpose.
    - Obeya Fundamentals certification by Obeya Association
    - TwinxterAcademy 

Who is it for?

Business leaders, executives and change professionals looking to:

  • Get inspired to create a leadership system of trust, driven by data
  • Improve overall employee satisfaction, engagement, productivity and performance
  • Create a meaningful company where people are included and aligned the company strategy & purpose
  • Enable people-centric and data-driven execution of the strategy

Twinxter - Obeya Fundamentals

Learning outcomes

This programme's Learning Journey helps you to explore the Obeya and understand which skills and capabilities you need for building a Governance of Trust, based on visual management like the Obeya and transparency.
  • The WHY, WHAT, and HOW of the Obeya
    Understand the WHY and  philosophy behind the Obeya and get deep insights in the the 11 Obeya principles.
    "Now I know what to expect and how to overcome these transformation challenges."
  • Establish a Government of Trust
    Assess your current leadership system and understand what has to be improved to create a transparent, inclusive networking system, based on co-creation, aligned autonomy and trust.
    "This will help my organisation to become transparent and a place where people want to work."
  • Use of visual management
    Understand visual management, like the Obeya, and build capabilities to co-create a visual and transparent overview of the work that matters to customers and stakeholders.
    "Visual management helps us to have the right dialogue and execute our purpose and strategy."
  • Obeya roles and rhythm
    Get insights in the Obeya roles and understand how to set up a company-wide rhythm to execute on strategy and be able to respond to business-changing needs. 
    "Since we established our own rhythms, we solve problems faster and can really work in an iterative way of working."
  • Definition of success
    Understand how to measure and visualise transformation progress and/or organisational goals.
    "Using the right metrics enables us to align our entire company around our connected goals and priorities."

Algemene informatie

Aanbieder: Twinxter

Type: Training

Kosten: €750,-

Duur: 1 dag

Startdatum - Locatie
  • 05 juli 2024 - Virtueel
  • 20 juni 2024 - Virtueel

Aantal deelnemers: Onbekend

Doelgroep: Change professionals

Taal: Engels

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