Nexio Projects

Nexio Projects is an international sustainability consultancy that provides expert support for organisations to achieve their sustainability goals.

Our dedicated team of experts from 25+ nationalities are backed by a strategic network of global partnerships are committed to assisting organisations at every step of their sustainability journey.

Nexio Projects is the go-to sustainability partner, guiding organizations through the complex landscape of sustainability, and supporting them to accelerate the transition from compliance to purpose.

Proven Track Record 

We have successfully guided over 500 organizations across Europe, North America, and the rest of the world, with a key focus on quality, efficient delivery and customer relationships, reflected by our NPS score of 76. Our experience covers diverse sectors such as manufacturing, transportation, shipping and logistics, packaging, chemicals, as well as service sectors such as finance, legal, and marketing.

How We Make a Difference:

1. Strategic Sustainability Planning:

  • Mapping your Path: We conduct sustainability and climate gap analyses to precisely identify your current position and future aspirations around climate and energy.
  • Blueprint for Success: We are experienced at crafting bespoke sustainability management systems and decarbonisation strategies tailored to your unique needs.

2. Implementation Excellence:

  • Transparency in Action: We help you streamline your ESG data management and reporting processes in compliance with standards such as ESRS, GRI and SBTi;
  • Climate Reporting Mastery: We provide specialised support in climate reporting
  • Your Sustainability Partner: We provide outsourced sustainability managers dedicated to scaling your sustainability management system and realise your sustainability goals and targets.

3. Ratings and Certifications:

Elevate your sustainability and climate leadership through benchmarking with renowned platforms such as EcoVadis, B Corp, CDP etc.

 Why Choose Nexio Projects?

  • Global Perspective: Our international reach ensures that we bring a diverse and well-rounded perspective to your sustainability goal setting;
  • Tailored Solutions: Every organisation is unique, and so are our solutions. We believe in personalized approaches that align with your vision;
  • Holistic services: Our experts and partners span across multiple disciplines and sustainability topics, such as climate change, diversity equity and inclusion, human rights and sustainability governance, enabling us to act as a one stop shop for sustainability needs.

 Let's create a greener, more resilient future together.

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