Throughout its years of experience in providing payment related solutions to global financial institutions, Clear2Pay has developed a deep expertise within this domain. This has enabled Clear2Pay to assemble a broad range of consulting services based upon this international know-how.

The consulting services are divided in 3 categories:

Strategic Advisory
To set and achieve strategic objectives, organisations must make difficult and high stake choices regarding markets, products, channels, technologies, geographic reach, partnerships, and more. Clear2Pay consultants can guide clients though these difficult decisions. Typical assignment includes:
- Outsourcing business cases
- Profitability improvement
- Market and regulation analysis
- Payment business cases

Based on our most successful implementations, we extract the best methodologies and innovative ideas to create effective solutions for our customers. We have set up a high-performance organisation with dedicated personnel able to generate, manage and advance our solutions. Our objective is to help our customers solve issues and meet challenges, to anticipate and react before a concern becomes a problem. These consulting solutions include:
- Outsourcing implementation
- SEPA Direct Debits compliance
- PSD assessment
- Payment process industrialisation

Clear2Pay promptly allocates appropriate payment experts on a time-and-materials basis to assist clients in all their payment related projects. Furthermore, as we closely follow our clients’ most critical needs, we also provide expertise in other non-payment related domains, including:
- Risk
- Financial Markets
- Core Systems
- Management Consulting

Clear2Pay Consulting clients includes major banks in the Netherlands and in Belgium, where the quality of Clear2Pay consultants is highly regarded.

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