About RiskSphere

We are RiskSphere, a boutique consultancy firm in Sustainability Risk. We strongly believe in doing well by doing good. For that purpose, we use our extensive experience in risk management and sustainability in order to help our clients to make the world a better place.

Our clients are diverse but have a common challenge: they and their industries are in transition as a result of dealing with environmental, social and governance change. Our clients need to understand and manage the risks they face while simultaneously seizing the opportunities that economical, geopolitical, technological, and ecological disruptions provide.

What we do

With our expert knowledge and skills, we help you manage the risks and seize the opportunities of sustainability across the entire risk management cycle. From stress testing, scenario analysis, ESG dashboards & ESG reporting, to regulatory change management in sustainability and climate change.

We can help any client understand what they are facing, help them measure their status quo and progress, and support the execution of needed change in the light of strategy and compliance.

Our team

We are a team of (very) senior consultants, combining decades of finance and risk consultancy experience. We believe that clients should get the best possible advice. In order to assure this, we believe we must be the best possible employer. We are open and transparent, we take ownership and are accountable, we accumulate and share knowledge. The latter is encouraged via a tailor-made educational program and interactions within the broader community of our company.

Our office is in Utrecht, where we maintain a foothold which reflects our style and purpose. RiskSphere is powered by The Hup, a portfolio company founded in 2007.

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