Salesforce Technical Consultant


You’re eager to reach new heights, looking out for that next peak to conquer. Maybe Certified Technical Architect is your Everest, maybe you’re not sure yet. One thing is certain: you’ve earned your stripes with delivery and like to keep doing that a while longer, because you love seeing things take shape – delivering actual functionality – not just on paper. So, before you travel to the Himalayas – as an architect – you want the blisters on your hands to be from your mouse and keyboard, not from climbing.

Why switch to Capgemini?

Because working at Capgemini feels like working at a small company while having all the advantages of working at a global 270k employee organization, acting like a scale-up on steroids. We’re informal and employee centric. Where you’d already hit your head on the ceiling at smaller companies we’re just getting started. Not being held back by the size of the organization or the projects we do, it’s you who decides how heigh your peak is. And by the time you approach that peak, you’ll be hungry for more, eager to take on the next together with your colleagues in our 60 people practice or as part of our European Salesforce Center of Excellence.

What will you do as Salesforce Technical Consultant?

  • Be the bridge between colleagues from various other disciplines:
    • Translating requirements and business processes to a technical solution together with functional consultants.
    • Extending higher levels of architecture with the detail level architecture of a specific functionality with the architects.
    • Work with the developers – hands on – to translate that technical solution and detailed architecture to an implementation of that functionality.
  • Own the technical solution for a large block of functionality such as a module: where architects are responsible for the implementation as a whole, you make the deep dive. On that module you’re the foreman.
  • Guide others in selecting the proper way to deliver functionality: provided directly by Salesforce platform, AppExchange apps, point&click tools in Salesforce or custom code it.
  • Deliver functionality yourself, whether it’s configuring a platform feature, building a flow or writing an Apex class: you can do it all!
  • Work with technical specialists at the customer and from third parties on things like data migrations or integrations.

As technical consultant you’re often a bit further away from the customer than a consultant, but you don’t mind that. In fact, you love it when you’re the big gun that they only take out to tackle the most complex of problems. As a jack of all trades, you might need a helping hand here and there for the nitty gritty details, but overall, you impress customers and colleagues alike with your depth and breadth of knowledge and your skill in applying it – hands on!

You might deliver pieces of architecture here and there already, but what separates you from the architects is that you love to get your hands dirty. You don't just come up with the solution to the problem, you're the one that actually delivers it!

At Capgemini you’ll have ample opportunity to do just that for enterprise organizations among the largest in the world across all industries. Whether it’s manufacturing, commerce, government, or non-profit: we have it all! Same ol’ same ol’ doesn’t apply here. You won’t just have the chance to keep on innovating and improving your knowledge and skills, your projects will require it, because at Capgemini we want our customers at the forefront of their industry.

What you need to know/have accomplished as Salesforce Technical Consultant

  • You may or may not have a relevant Bachelors – we value skills above education
  • You bring a solid (2+ years) Salesforce track record to the table
  • Or more to start at a higher grade, taking even more of a lead role in delivery on projects and maybe also coach and develop juniors
  • You know the native platform functionality of the core clouds like the back of your hand
  • Well familiar with common AppExchange apps for things like document generation, e-signing, web forms, back-up & recovery and how to configure them, especially for the difficult use cases
  • You don’t shy away from writing some Apex or creating a Lightning Web Component and are familiar with coding best practices, but at the same time are aware when best to leave it to the developers
  • Salesforce App Builder and Platform Developer 1 are a must. Consultant certs, the architect Designer certs and PD2 are all strong pros.
  • You can justify difficult technical decisions and their trade-offs to anyone – hardened specialists that disagree, end users and C-level alike – and enjoy doing so
  • ETL tools hold no secrets for you and you won’t break a sweat for the most difficult of data migrations

Why choose Capgemini?

  • Because you want to contribute to impactful projects for Fortune 500 companies
  • Because you’re looking for an organization that’s committed to sustainability
  • Because you want to be part of an active Salesforce community of 60 colleagues that share insights and experiences non-stop
  • Because we reward your enthusiasm with a competitive salary, generous bonuses, vacation pay and a mobility budget
  • Because we don’t believe in education budgets or reimbursements: welcome to the All-Free-All-You-Can-Train Academy!
  • Because you share our passion for creative work and get a kick out of complexity
  • Because you want to contribute to our Salesforce European Center of Excellence

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Locatie: Utrecht

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