With over 20 billion in sales in 40 countries, Mediq is a leading player shaping the future of health and home care. The Dutch multinational supplies medical devices, services and pharmaceuticals. At home, with GPs, at hospitals, care institutions or pharmacies. 

Technological developments, demographic shifts, medical breakthroughs and legislation will continue to change the world of healthcare dramatically. By bringing together healthcare providers, suppliers, professionals, authorities, patient organizations and insurers, Mediq is introducing new business models, initiatives and approaches to improve quality and affordability of care and, ultimately, the lives of millions of patients.

Country specific approach
The company was founded in 1899 in the Netherlands. Through dozens of acquisitions in recent years, Mediq now has around 7100 employees and a leading position as a direct-to-patient-organisation in all countries in which it operates. Because markets and regulations differ vastly even between neighboring countries, the local business units maintain a high level of autonomy. The challenge is to establish the right level of cohesion to benefit all. With this aim in mind, sourcing and private label development have been centralized.

Private-Equity driven culture
Mediq is owned by Advent International, a leading private equity investor. The acquisition-driven strategy has attracted ambitious professionals from leading multinationals. This is also reflected in the current .