We believe in unlocking talent and self-reliance.

If you work with vulnerable people, the first thing you learn is that what “these people” want, is not being labelled vulnerable. Therefore we avoid terms like “refugees” or “distance to the labour market” and address our participants through their talents. 

DELITELABS’ goal is to support aspiring entrepreneurs in developing and realizing professional projects and thus activating entrepreneurial spirit.

DELITELABS achieves this by offering an intensive program targeted at individuals who are contemplating their own business as a viable alternative in a difficult labor market.

We do so by creating a ‘safe zone’ for learning theory, exploring ideas, as well as experiencing the emotional journey typically encountered by early stage startup entrepreneurs. In short, DELITELABS startup school stimulates it’s participants to excel in the early stages until actually incorporating a business.

DELITELABS is driven by the believe that underutilized capabilities, especially of young people, and the lack of professional perspectives are one of the most critical challenges of our society. DELITELABS seeks to inspire and activate its participants. We believe that “if you put people of different backgrounds into one room, shake it sufficiently well and add a pinch of professionalization, amazing things can happen”. Therefore we keep the entry barriers as low as possible: by subsidizing our core activities through corporate trainings, we allow those wo need it the most to participate.

DELITELABS has been founded as a foundation in Amsterdam in 2015. We then have successfully conducted Pre-acceleration courses for youth in Valencia, Spain in 2015 as well as for “Newcomers” in Amsterdam in 2016. In total we have validated our methdology with more than a 100 participants over the past 2 years.

In 2017 we now focus on establishing continued operations in Amsterdam with a targeted capacity of about 200 students per year.

DELITELABS’ pivot towards newcomers in 2016 is attributed to the REBUILD initiative. REBUILD is included in the action plan “The next step” of deputy major of the city of Amsterdam, Kajsa Ollongren and is supported by many organizations and entrepreneurs, among others Duncan Stutterheim, who has offered the former ID&T building as a pilot location.