Network Orchestration Nov. 2011

17 november 2011
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16 november 2011
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60 – 100 Persons
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Network orchestration

Are you able to create additional value through active collaboration with business partners?

What is network orchestration?
Network orchestration is innovation as a network. In short it is the superlative of cooperation, from the co-design of products and sharing knowledge, to having the ability to quick-connect with parties to quickly exploit new market trends. At BearingPoint we believe that companies who are able to efficiently cooperate in a network are more resilient to change and will thrive in the future.

The Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), in cooperation with BearingPoint Consulting, is conducting the first of a yearly recurring European study on network orchestration! This study investigates how organizations can successfully orchestrate their network of business partners. The survey addresses several aspects of your own organization and your business partners. Insights acquired from this study will be shared with participants. Based on this study we will formulate recommendations and leading practices to help companies improve their competitive position.

What’s in it for you?
- Get inspired and involved in creating additional value for your company
- Learn from leading practices by front runners
- Meet peers and front runners cross-industry

Date and location
17th November 2011 at the RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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Bedrijf: BearingPoint

Datum: 17 november 2011

Inschrijven voor: 16 november 2011

Type event: Workshop

Doelgroep: 60 – 100 Persons