Preventing Childhood Obesity

11 november 2009
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06 november 2009
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In 2009 bestaat ECORYS 80 jaar. Dit vieren wij met een serie van zes internationale seminars, de ‘ECORYS Seminar Cycle’. Per seminar wordt tevens een Vision Paper gepubliceerd. Hieronder vind je meer informatie over de seminar "Preventing Childhood Obesity: European Perspectives".

Preventing Childhood Obesity: European Perspectives

This seminar is part of the ECORYS Seminar Cycle. In 2009, ECORYS proudly celebrates its 80th anniversary. The Seminar Cycle encompasses several international seminars in the Netherlands, the UK, Belgium and Poland. These seminars will be taking place during 2009.

Using three examples of high profile European initiatives that seek to prevent childhood obesity this seminar aims to stimulate discussion and debate around contemporary approaches to preventions across Europe, and to offer an opportunity for cross-national comparisons in relation to effectiveness and approaches. The three speakers at the seminar will each present a prevention initiative from their own county (France, the UK and the Netherlands) and responses to each speaker will be provided by our panel of three experts.


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Datum: 11 november 2009

Inschrijven voor: 06 november 2009

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