Diversity Matters

31 maart 2023
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28 maart 2023
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Starters en Professionals
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At McKinsey & Company, we believe that a diverse, inclusive culture enriches our creativity, innovation, and problem-solving abilities.

What to expect

Diversity Matters is a virtual event aiming to inspire anyone who is interested in Diversity topics or research at McKinsey, or wants to connect with specific affinity groups to learn more about Diversity at McKinsey.  


Attendees can join us from 15:00 - 16:20 to listen to speakers on these topics, as well as join discussions and networking in break-out groups. 

Who can apply?

This event is open to individuals who are interested in learning more about different aspects of diversity, such as gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. 

Application process

This is a registration only event. We do not require you to upload any documents to attend this event.
Deadline to register: Tuesday March 28, 2023.

Event Contacts

Juliet Parker

Event informatie

Bedrijf: McKinsey & Company

Datum: 31 maart 2023

Inschrijven voor: 28 maart 2023

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Starters en Professionals

Locatie: Virtueel