The Green Gambit

23 juni 2021
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23 juni 2021
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The world is in need of great “green” breakthroughs in for instance circularity and decarbonization. Such true breakthroughs require a perfect match between technology, scale-up capability, and capital. This is almost impossible to achieve by any single industrial company but not by consortia, which is what we see happening all around us. A relatively new trend is the rise of various types of “green-labeled” capital and the growing role of all kinds of public funding and of private investors. For industrial companies and for technology startups and SMEs, such high-impact green innovation ecosystems can be a real game-changer if they play it cleverly. And for investors, they offer a new gateway to direct their funds to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Arthur D Little - The Green Gambit

Arthur D. Little is proud to bring together the leading players of the Green Gambit triad: Capital, Scale-up, and Technology. In our first executive event, we will focus on the topic of circular plastics. Together with our panelists and the audience we will present and discuss:

  1. What role does each player have in realizing a true circular plastics economy?
  2. What is still missing from the side of Capital, Scale-up, and Technology?
  3. What are the requirements for success to forge and grow the green breakthrough innovation ecosystem that the world so desperately needs?

ADL Expert team

Michaël Kolk
Managing Partner

Rodrigo Navarro

Robert Clover

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Bedrijf: Arthur D. Little

Datum: 23 juni 2021

Inschrijven voor: 23 juni 2021

Type event: Seminar

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