Why and how marketing automation can help you drive more sales

28 april 2021
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28 april 2021
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The ultimate goal of your marketing is to generate more sales for your business. To accomplish this, we need to drive traffic to our website, convert that traffic into leads, and turn those leads into customers. But what marketing automation really impacts is the conversion and closing stages of this process.

Marketing automation is designed to help you prioritize and accomplish your tasks in a more streamlined and efficient manner. Unlike automating production processes, implementing an automation system will not make your job irrelevant, it will only make you more effective. It saves on time without compromising the authenticity of the content you produce. And it will help you achieve your goals faster.

In this webinar Steven shares:

  • What marketing automation is
  • How to use marketing automation
  • Do's and don'ts for using your CRM data to its full potential 
  • Examples of different use cases


Steven Groen
HubSpot, Customer Success Manager

Trusted advisor and expert on topics like implementing strong marketing and sales strategies, automation, making data-driven decisions and creating a gowth model for businesses (small, medium and large).


Thijs van Rosmalen
Account Executive

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