Webinar Sustainability Risk Integration

24 september 2020
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23 september 2020
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In our first webinar we gave an overview of (upcoming) regulations and their potential impact, including a timeline and a high-level overview of the risks and business opportunities.

In our next SCR webinar we will focus on:

Integrating Sustainability and Climate Risk in your risk management framework and organisation.

What we are going to cover during this session:

  • Integration of SCR in your risk management organisation;
  • SCR Analysis: current exposure and impact, scenario analysis and stress testing;
  • SCR Application: amongst others in risk adjusted pricing and asset allocation;
  • SCR Disclosures and review: TCFD recommendations.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the 24th of September!

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Webinar Sustainability Risk Integration - ACE Company

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Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) are increasingly hot and inevitable topics within the financial industry. We are organising a series of webinars on Sustainability and Climate Risk in the financial industry, with each webinar focusing on one or more interesting topics regarding Sustainability and Climate Risk

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Bedrijf: ACE Company

Datum: 24 september 2020

Inschrijven voor: 23 september 2020

Type event: Seminar

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