Webinar: How data sovereignty works on a European and local level

25 juni 2020
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24 juni 2020
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Our recent webinar on data sovereignty that we organised in collaboration with MyData Global was such a big success that we are offering another chance to join us for those of you who missed it. The webinar will be re-run this Thursday, 25 June from 14:00-15:00 h (CET).  

What does the European Data Strategy mean by sharing data in a ‘European way’? Why should anyone care about data sovereignty? How does it help to unleash the true power of data sharing and how does it benefit the Data Economy? And how can all of us – people and organisations alike – contribute to achieving it?

In this webinar that we organise in collaboration with MyData, Riikka Kämppi (director, MyData Global board 2018-2019) talks to Viivi Lähteenoja (deputy general manager at MyData Global) and Mariane ter Veen (director data sharing at INNOPAY) to discuss the answers to these and other questions related to data sharing.

Please join us on Thursday 25 June from 14:00-15:00 (CET). Register by sending us an e-mail.

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Bedrijf: INNOPAY

Datum: 25 juni 2020

Inschrijven voor: 24 juni 2020

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Professionals

Locatie: Online