Landelijke Econometristen dag - First Consulting

07 februari 2019
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07 februari 2019
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The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristendag, abbreviated as LED) is the largest annual recruitment event for students in the fields of econometrics, operations research and actuarial sciences in the Netherlands. On this day, almost 800 students get the opportunity to orientate themselves on their future careers and get in contact with their future employers. Nowadays econometricians play an important role in almost all companies. This is reflected in the diversity of the 68 different companies present during the LED 2019, such as finance, actuarial sciences, logistics, and consultancy. The theme of the LED 2019 is “Connecting the Dots”, which captures the unique characteristics of the LED and the important role it has in connecting students with companies.

Who can participate?

The LED is aimed at all students in the fields of econometrics, operations research and actuarial sciences in the Netherlands in their 3rd year or higher. In order to participate at the LED you need to be a member of one of the six study associations for econometrics and operations research in the Netherlands. If you aren’t a member yet, you can contact the study association at your university for more information.
To make sure that the LED is also open for international students, a lot of companies offer their cases in English. This is indicated by a British flag next to the case description. In order to keep the LED available for all econometrics students, we don’t inquire CV selection.


The registration for the LED 2019 will open on 28 November 2018 at 8 p.m.. The registration is based on the first come, first served principle. Even though we try to let as many students participate as possible, last year the LED sold out within a few minutes. So don’t hesitate too long before registering! If you were not able to obtain a ticket, but are still interested in the event, you will be automatically put on a waiting list. The chances of still obtaining a ticket through the waiting list because of cancellation of another participant are quite high. We therefore encourage you to stay available for the LED 2019 when added to the waiting list.

When you open the registration form, you will have 30 minutes to complete your preferences. You can state your top three preferred companies for the two case rounds as well as your preferences for the masterclass & company fair and the recruitment dinner. No idea yet which companies to choose or whether you want to attend a company case or a masterclass & company fair? Let the MUMM help you with your choice! The MUMM will be available a couple of weeks before the opening of the registration.

The costs for participation are €7,50. This price includes: a lunch, networking drink, recruitment dinner, a goodie bag and entry to the party at the end of the day. We offer the option to stay over the night after the LED at a hostel in Utrecht for €7,50.

If you are registered for the LED 2019 and are not able to attend anymore, please cancel before January 25. Cancellation after this date will result in a fine of €25,-. When you are registered for the LED and did not cancel in advance, it is mandatory to stay during the entire day. If you don’t show up or leave early, you will be put on the blacklist and receive a fine of €35,-.

Registration is only open to third-year bachelor, pre-master, and master students in econometrics and operations research, who are a member of one of the six study associations for econometrics in the Netherlands. Students who don’t satisfy these conditions will be removed from the registration list.

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Datum: 07 februari 2019

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