Sustainability ‘Immersion’

19 april 2018
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19 april 2018
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Since 1996, Interface considers sustainability as its number one strategic priority. It grew from the answer to a business risk to a driver of efficiency and innovation. Since 1996 Interface Europe has reduced its GHG-footprint with 98%, cut energy consumption with 55% and switched 45% of its feedstock to renewables. Today, Interface is market leader in the modular carpet industry employing 3 500 employees and generating 1 billion $ turnover.

What is the Interface ‘Sustainability Immersion’? During this ‘Sustainability Immersion’ on April 19-20, 2018 at the Interface site in the Netherlands, participants get a deeper understanding of the ‘innovation power’ of sustainability. They will learn how to embed this into every business area and to translate it into tangible business outcomes.

Target audience Board of Excom members, VP or sustainability managers – irrespective of the industry type.

Price per person : 600€ (including hotel, dinner and lunch)

A programme of sharing experiences

During this two-day ‘immersion’ experience you will be guided by Sustainability Experts of Interface and Möbius, and you will ..

  1. get acquainted with Interface’s sustainability program (guided by its Mission Zero & bold objectives), and how it successfully integrates breakthrough initiatives, senior leadership support and a deep-rooted culture.
  2. have the chance to discuss about sustainability challenges and opportunities with a limited group of like-minded peers from various sectors in an informal setting
  3. see sustainability in action during a Gemba walk through Interface’s sustainable operations at the Scherpenzeel site.
  4. get an outlook on the future of sustainability and its new developments (incl. back casting, circularity and shared value).

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Bedrijf: Möbius

Datum: 19 april 2018

Inschrijven voor: 19 april 2018

Type event: Seminar

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Locatie: Scherpenzeel