Monetization Conference: Sales & Pricing in a digital age

12 april 2018
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12 april 2018
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Sales and pricing are more important than ever. The ability to know where, how, and for what price to sell is key to gain a competitive advantage and maximize profits. At the same time, digitalization brings challenges and opportunities with increased price transparency, online sales channels and new business models.

In this conference, Simon - Kucher & Partners will present trends, concepts and methods on how to improve profitable growth in a digital age, while our guest speaker will inspire with a practical case from the industry. The conference will also bring enough opportunities to get in touch with fellow industry executives.

The conference is relevant to all industry practitioners, in particular chief executives, finance executives, and commercial directors.

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Bedrijf: Simon-Kucher & Partners

Datum: 12 april 2018

Inschrijven voor: 12 april 2018

Type event: Seminar

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