We crunch(ed) Artificial Intelligence

13 december 2017
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12 december 2017
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Wat we doen

We've built a self driving car. We've changed a coffee machine so it recognizes you and knows your favorite drink. We've designed a data sampler that provides you with data you can manipulate in any direction.

Why? Just because we wanted to find out if we could. Because it's fun. Because we love to crunch the promises you hear about (big) data analytics.

We are the Analytics Lab, Data (and) Analytics professionals. We innovate in Data Science: Think big, start small, scale up .

We like to welcome you to our first Meetup, in which we will demonstrate the coffee machine. We'll tell you all about our data sampler. And we will show you how text mining is used by a startup for seeking a restaurant when you have dining plans.

Doors are open at 18h. Entrance is free. Food and drinks are supplied. Our official program starts at 19h.

What's in it for you?

  • You will learn how AI relates to your daily coffee
  • Find out how you can make life easier with predefined datasets
  • Get inspired by how recommender systems will pick your new favorite restaurant
  • Get to know our enthousiastic team of young analysts and data scientists

Register by accepting the invitation. See you in December!

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Bedrijf: Cmotions

Datum: 13 december 2017

Inschrijven voor: 12 december 2017

Type event: Seminar

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