McKinsey Alpine University 2018

04 maart 2018
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20 november 2017
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Business Course
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Start your Expedition and discover the diversity of McKinsey – fully tailor your personal agenda by selecting three out of fourteen industry and practice workshops, develop your leadership skills in two out of nine soft skill trainings and personally engage with some of our most senior leaders and more than 20 international colleagues.

Join Expedition 2018 and find out how you can follow your passion in McKinsey!

Expedition 2018 – What to expect

Brian leads McKinsey’s global recruiting and promotes diversity in all aspects across the firm. To provide participants with the opportunity to experience the new breadth of McKinsey, Brian helped to launch with Expedition with European colleagues. In this interview, he will explain what to expect and why you should apply for this unique opportunity that could – literally – change your life.

Discover our diversity and learn how you can build your individual profile at McKinsey

McKinsey is becoming more and more diverse – the backgrounds and fields of study of our consultants, the challenges and topics we work on, and the way we work and interact with our clients have rapidly changed in recent years.

Discover our diversity and learn how you can build your individual profile at McKinsey: Expedition 2018 allows you to start your personal journey and explore your opportunities at McKinsey.

Create your own program of interactive workshops with our industry and practice experts, join inspiring key notes and discussion panels, and develop your soft skills and leadership skills.

We invite you to join us for four days at McKinsey’s Alpine University in Kitzbühel, Austria. Please apply by November 20th, 2017 if you are a young professional with fewer than six years of work experience, a late-stage PhD, Master's student or postdoc.

The program

Expedition 2018 is all about you
Learn how you can pursue your passion at McKinsey, and develop your individual profile by creating your own agenda.

Propgram elements

Expedition 2018 will begin on Thursday afternoon, January 25th, 2018 in McKinsey's Alpine University. You will get to know the other participants, as well as our colleagues. In the following introduction to McKinsey, you will learn about the different entry opportunities and how to create your own profile. By telling you about his own personal journey, one of our leading Senior Partners will show you how you can develop your individual profile and pursue your passion at McKinsey. The first day will conclude with a dinner with our team.

Climb to the top
On Friday and Saturday, you will have the opportunity to join five different workshops. You will be able to select three from 14 different industry and practice workshops. During the workshops, you will learn about our work in the respective fields with experienced colleagues. Each workshop combines general information about typical projects, specific trends and developments, as well as simulations. Moreover, you can also select two out of nine leadership trainings. The trainings are designed for our clients and consultants.

We will conclude our Saturday and the climb to the top by challenging your creativity and craftsmanship. Together with our professional guides, you will carve your team emblem from large ice blocks. After this, we will enjoy a traditional Austrian dinner together and the farewell party at a local ski hut.

During a long brunch, you will have the opportunity of one-on-one coaching and feedback sessions with our consultants. Expedition 2018 will conclude with a final key note speech providing you with insights into the future of consulting and what we do to remain a top-tier employer for people like you in the future. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive advice on your personal and professional development. The event closes around 1 pm on Sunday.

McKinsey Expedition 2018

Inspiring key note speeches and discussion panels
We work on the most important topics and challenges facing today’s society: youth unemployment, the refugee crisis, the future of our economy (for example, the circular economy), as well as the technological and business challenges of Industry 4.0 and digitalization. The key note speeches will provide you unique insights from different colleagues discussing their personal stories, how they pursued their passions, and how they developed their individual profiles at McKinsey. You will also learn what McKinsey does to help our colleagues ‘Build their own McKinsey’.

Interactive workshops
McKinsey offers a unique scope of sector knowledge (including automotive, financial institutions, raw materials, energy creation and distribution, travel, transportation and logistics) and functional knowledge (including operations, marketing and sales, strategy and corporate finance). We also build new delivery models to help our clients tackle the challenges of today’s fast-moving industry landscape. These include digitalization (Digital McKinsey), implementation (McKinsey Implementation) and generating insights from vast data pools (Advanced Analytics).

Soft Skills and Leadership Development Training
McKinsey offers its consultants continuous personal and professional development through informal and formal training. This includes mentoring, flexible working models, and structured training programs. You will have the opportunity to select two training sessions from the program we offer to consultants.


Expedition 2018 will take place in a special location: The McKinsey Alpine University, located in the former Grand Hotel in Kitzbühel, Austria. McKinsey has owned this facility since 1996, and uses it as an exclusive training center for internal and external training courses. Many high-ranking leaders, entrepreneurs and NGO-managers have been and continue to be regular guests at this facility.

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Bedrijf: McKinsey & Company

Datum: 04 maart 2018

Inschrijven voor: 20 november 2017

Type event: Business Course

Doelgroep: Topstudenten

Locatie: Kitzbühel