The power of accountability

29 september 2015
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28 september 2015
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The missing link between strategy and execution
R&G Webinar: 29-09-2015, 20:30 CEST (19:30 BST)

Many companies fail to deliver on the results of their strategic plans and many employees rate their company weak at execution. Research shows that one of the key drivers is a missing concept of accountability. This 30-minute live webinar will provide you with inspiring ideas and concepts to develop a different view on this challenge and accelerate business results, applied to a real business case of Teleplan.

The Power of accountability

In this live webinar you will get insights in:

  • the most common pitfalls for strategy execution
  • how excellent execution looks like
  • what accountable behaviour actually is
  • the relevance of accountability for strategy execution
  • how process data can help to stimulate daily accountable behaviour

Our webinar guests:

  • Jan Piet Valk, CFO of Teleplan
  • Marco Scheele, Founder of Rainmen Europe and expert in accountability
  • Aart Willem de Wolf, Managing Partner of R&G Global Consultants

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Bedrijf: R&G Global Consultants

Datum: 29 september 2015

Inschrijven voor: 28 september 2015

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