Bitcoin Masterclass

15 januari 2014
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14 januari 2014
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Bitcoin Masterclass

Innopay is happy to announce the second edition of the Bitcoin masterclass that will be held on January 15 in Amsterdam.

If you're interested in gaining better insights into how Bitcoin works, how it can contribute to your business and how it will be affected in the future, this one day training aims to give you the basis to fully understand Bitcoin. The masterclass has limited available seats, so make sure you book well in advance.

Hosting this training will be Jacob Boersma. Jacob is one of the thought leaders on Bitcoin in the Netherlands, also appearing on national television during the recent Bitcoin value rally. Jacob, expert in the fields of IT security and of the payments business, will guide the conversation between these two important aspects that represent the foundations of the Bitcoin revolution. 

Bitcoin is all the buzz lately. The virtual currency is riding a roller coaster of speculation, rising from 200 to 600 Euros in matter of weeks, and it's still rising.

Yet despite all the sound and fury surrounding this made-up money, most people have a hard time understanding exactly what bitcoins are--and how they work. This is troubling, especially if you're thinking of investing your own time and money in the Bitcoin phenomenon.

Innopay - Bitcoin Masterclass 

Program of the day will include:
  9.30: Introductions and opening
10.00: Genesis of Bitcoin: Overview of monetary systems and their functioning mechanisms
11.00: Bitcoin monetary supply: Founding principles, mining and public key cryptography
12.00: Bitcoin transaction processing: how transactions are being validated and and its rules

: Lunch break

: Bitcoin risks and critics: Trading, exchange rate and speculation
15.00: Practical applications: how Bitcoin is being used in the ecommerce world and what benefits does it bring to the environment. Analysis of current practical examples including mobile, POS and online payments.
16.30: Use cases: How will bitcoin be reused for future generation of payments? Overview will include prepaid cards, group payments, international money transfers, interaction with local currencies and Bitcoin inclusion in contracts (from warranty to escrow and insurance)
17.00: Conclusion: Final Q&A and further reading material.

17.30: Informal refreshments and networking opportunity

We reserve the option to cancel the event in case the minimum attendance limit of 7 participants will not be reached.

Cost of the event

Per delegate cost of € 900,- excl. VAT. The cost covers the participation to the event, breakfast, refreshments, lunch and the reading material.

Register early to take advantage of our early birds rates!

You can register using the panel on the side or by sending an email to

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Bedrijf: INNOPAY

Datum: 15 januari 2014

Inschrijven voor: 14 januari 2014

Type event: Seminar

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