Innovation Seminar

12 september 2013
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11 september 2013
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Innovation Seminar

Join us on 12th of September for an exclusive seminar on which technologies will help your organisation winning, in a world that is digitalising! BearingPoint is organising the first edition of the innovation seminar with the objective to provide you insights of solutions that can make the difference for you. Differences in terms of more insights of your customer, better and detailed analysis of your data or breaking the barriers to move to the digital future. You will hear our vision on these challenges and provide you case studies of other organisations that have taken the leap forward to future digitalisation.

Program of the day:
13.30 hours entrance
14.00 hours welcome
14.30 hours – 15.15 hours 1st breakouts
15.15 hours – 16.00 hours 2nd breakouts
16.00 hours – 16.45 hours 3rd breakouts
17.00 hours – drinks and fingerfood

Passenger Terminal Amsterdam      
Piet Heinkade 41
1019 BR Amsterdam
We are looking forward to welcoming you!  You can register by clicking here.
Please find below the topics we are presenting in three different streams of break out sessions:
1st break out sessions from 14.30 hours till 15.15 hours where you can choose from:

Big Data Innovation - Challenges
Discussion on what’s new on Big Data, the huge amounts of data to start with, the mess up of my data & tooling landscape, the value it can deliver over years and the difficulty of measuring and reporting upon Big Data

IT Innovation - Infonova R6
Our Infonova R6 Order to Cash solution offers unique benefits to improve your Time to Market, Operational Excellence & Total Cost of Ownership. The Infonova R6 customer self-care & partner management functionalities, powered with multichannel and multi-tenant virtualized capabilities, allow you to capitalize on new business models, including white labelling and bundling. Furthermore, the flexible workflow orchestration and integration functionality enables zero-touch workflows, driving Operational Excellence in your organisation.

Digital Customer Management - Digital Strategy
eCommerce is an increasingly mature channel, that is often neglected, especially in the indirect channel such as e-Tailers and e-Retailers.  Leading consumer product companies are in a great position to benefit, but organisation for e-category management is often non existent. The session will explore an eCatgeoy management framework that has been proven to work in many mature and upcoming markets.
2nd break out sessions from 15.15 hours till 16.00 hours where you can choose from:

Big Data Innovation - Performance Management
BearingPoint’s vision on Big Data together with the tooling of Mirror42 places the essence of Big Data in perspective in two ways:
1.Translating Big Data into Big Value: how to put metrics (=data) into context so data becomes insights and insights become value.
2. By using best practices and trend analysis, working with Big Data can bring value to business executives and will help them in improving their business.

IT Innovation - Cloud 2.0
There are different types of Clouds and their characteristics, which makes it important to identify the right kind of Cloud to use them. We will contrast the differences by looking to overall exposure and the Level of Service provided as well as the security.

Digital Customer Management - Mobile Marketing
Add value for your customers by being ‘Mobile relevant’ seems to be quite a challenge already. If this can grow into a business model which you can monetize is even a bigger question mark. The base of this workshop is the ‘Digital Engagement’ research that BearingPoint has executed together with  companies like  Amazon, Ebay, PayPal, Googel, T-Mobile, ING Direct and Bank of America. Following the results of this research and case studies of a.o.  Credit Agricole, we will discuss questions as;

  • What means ‘mobile relevant’ for your customer?
  • How do you integrate ‘mobile’ in the customer journey?
  • How can you work with your clients and developers in co-creation and leverage technology for example by opening up your data model via API’s.
  • Is there a business case for ‘mobile marketing’?

3rd break out sessions from 16.00 hours till 16.45 hours where you can choose from:

Big Data Innovation - HyperCube
HyperCube is a unique and innovative data mining solution that handles Big Data in a new way. Its breakthrough data analysis technology dramatically improves the way you can make decisions in an environment where data grows exponentially. HyperCube is a solution recognized by the Pasteur Institute as the best performing data analysis tool available today. It also won an innovative technology award from MIT (USA).

IT Innovation - Fatwire
The digital customer interacts through multiple channels. The BearingPoint customer management team is helping clients to develop digital strategies that are aligned to the needs and expectations of the digital customer in a multi-channel world including web, mobile devices, call centers, interactive TV,  point of sale, kiosks, ATM, and social networks. We have delivered our clients improved web and mobile channel customer management through collaboration, content management and social computing.

Digital Customer Management - Open Innovation
Open innovation and customer relations: the new deal. BearingPoint supports many clients in digital innovation, by helping them to set up the business model, eco-system and IT infrastructure to do co-creation with clients and developers, open data and API development. The pioneers have benefitted from shorter and cheaper development cycles, tapped into the creativity of the outside world and are using open innovation to boost their mobile, web and social channels.

Key questions we will be discussing during this session are:

  • What is the impact on businesses and public services?
  • What are the benefits for these new ecosystems and what is the business case?
  • What are the pitfalls and difficulties? And how to solve for data privacy and security?

We will share our experience and client cases from companies like Financial Services (Credit Agricole), Public Transport, Energy (Veolia) and Telco’s.

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Datum: 12 september 2013

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