Intern - Strategy Consultant

1 - 3 maanden

Once you're in the final stage of your studies or just finished university, you can experience a real consultancy project and get to know Kearney close up by applying for an internship. We offer you the possibility to join us as a full-time intern for a 6 to 12 week period.

Experience consultancy, experience Kearney

Although it's a good start, joining one of our many recruitment events does not fully allow you to experience the day-to-day work of our consultants. During an internship, you will join one of our project teams to experience the work of a strategy consultant hands-on. Plus, you'll have ample opportunity to get to know our team and the types of projects we're working on. Perhaps most importantly, our short but intense internship program provides you with an invaluable learning experience you can build upon in your future job—perhaps at Kearney.

You're a full member of the team!

As an intern, you're not on the team to serve fresh coffee and apple pie! You'll join one of our project teams in a business analyst role and Kearney will provide you with the necessary ‘tools of the trade'. As part of the team, you will soon find yourself having late-night discussions at the hotel or enjoying a good dinner with your colleagues. Just like our full-time consultants, you will be supported throughout your internship period by an experienced "buddy." Also, a specially assigned mentor will coordinate your project work.

Bart's experience

Bart was an intern at Kearney during the summer. He joined a project at a large Dutch financial institution. Bart said "This internship was a great learning experience for me. I felt part of the Kearney team right away and with the help of my colleagues I developed new skills very quickly. The thing I like most about my internship is that you get your own tasks and responsibilities from the start of your internship period."

How to apply

You can apply for an internship position at our office all year round, depending on staffing requirements. Because you will be a full member of our team, the application process for an internship position consists of a CV selection and two rounds of interviews. Please apply through our online application system.

Stage informatie

Bedrijf: Kearney

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

Periode: 1 - 3 maanden

Type: Meeloopstage

Vergoeding: Marktconform


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