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A truly Global Terminal Network
APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network which includes 20,300 employees in 67 countries with interests in 71 port and terminal facilities and 165 Inland Services operations. The company provides port management and terminal operations to over 60 liner shipping and port customers, and a wide range of local inland transportation and cargo services around the world performing a central role in global trade and logistics.

Dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability
While we are committed to meeting the evolving demands of the international trade community and the shipping industry that we serve, we are dedicated as well to conducting business throughout the world only at the highest of ethical, environmental and socially responsible standards.

Tradition and Stability
With world headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands, APM Terminals is an independent business unit within the Danish-based Maersk Group, leveraging more a century of shipping industry history, and more than five decades of port and terminal operations, logistics and management.

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