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22 april 2021
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18 april 2021
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Starters en Young Professionals
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Interested in working at a top-tier strategy consultancy firm in Amsterdam?

To enter the world of strategy consulting, landing your case interview successfully during your application process is one of the most challenging steps towards acceptance. The best way to prepare is to practice, and the best way to practice is by partnering up with a consultant who has experience on actual client cases. During the crack-a-case session this is exactly what you will do: partner up with a consultant and work on a case.

Founded by two senior female consultants in 2000, Eden McCallum supports clients to resolve their most pressing issues of strategy, operations and organisation.  Working with a group of independent consultants of the highest calibre, we have pioneered an approach that delivers tangible impact, client ownership, and great value.   

Eden McCallum - Crack a case

Our Amsterdam office, opened in 2008 under the supervision of Heleen Wachters and Marjon Wanders (former McKinsey consultants), invites you to join us for a virtual crack-a-case event. You will have an opportunity to practice your analytical skills and problem-solving ability and to learn more about working as a strategy consultant at Eden McCallum.

The event will be taking place on Thursday the 22nd of April (14.00-17.00 CET). If the current covid-restrictions will allow it, we would like to host the event at our Amsterdam office and end the day with a drink.

What to expect at the ‘’crack-a-case'’ event?

  • Introduction to Eden McCallum and the Analyst Programme
  • Tips and tricks on how to handle real-life case studies
  • Practice and develop your analytical skills, creativity and problem-solving ability
  • Feedback and supervision from our experienced Analysts and Associate Consultants
  • ‘Q&A’ around working as a strategy consultant at Eden McCallum, including general queries with regards to a career in consulting

To register your interest, please RSVP via the email address below before Sunday the 18th of April (17.00 CET).  Please include a copy of your CV and transcripts (High school, Bachelor and Masters degrees).

Please note: fluency in Dutch and English is mandatory

You will hear from us by Monday the 19th (17.00 CET) should you be selected for this event. 

For further information regarding Eden McCallum and our Analyst Programme, please visit our website:

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Bedrijf: Eden McCallum

Datum: 22 april 2021

Inschrijven voor: 18 april 2021

Type event: Inhousedag

Doelgroep: Starters en Young Professionals

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