Next Gen Audit

04 maart 2021
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04 maart 2021
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  • Are you positioned to respond to changing key business risks associated with digital transformation initiatives?
  • Are you able to leverage enterprise data efficiently to conduct risk assessments and continuous monitoring?
  • Have you added resources and skill sets to address increased expectations from internal and external stakeholders?
  • Have you started to use technology to enhance the internal audit function along with relying on existing methodologies?
  • Are you still relying primarily on point-in-time risk assessments?
  • Are you still performing audits and reviews in the same way as in years past? 

If you are triggered by the questions and want to learn more than join our webinar on March 4 from 16:00 -17:00 CET!

Next-Generation Internal Audit

We would like to invite you for the Next Gen Internal Audit webinar series which takes place every quarter in 2021. In these series we discuss various subjects of Next Gen Audit. In our first webinar we will talk you through:

  • Agile Audit Outsourcing approach by Maureen Cooper (Protiviti Global SME)
  • How to execute Privacy Audits (Tjakko de Boer, Protiviti privacy and IT consulting lead)

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Thursday 4 March 2021
4 pm CET

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Datum: 04 maart 2021

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