How to go from a SAP assessment report to a risk-based practical approach on mitigation and remediat

25 juni 2020
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25 juni 2020
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Protiviti is pleased to invite you to our upcoming "Practical guide to SAP Security" event. Business-critical applications such as SAP are at the core of your business activities and many organizations depend on SAP to run their daily business. To protect your SAP landscape against various cyber threats, prevention, detection and response capabilities are essential. This practical guide to SAP Security gives you insights on how to integrate these capabilities into your organizations to reduce your organizations SAP cyber risks.

SAP security tools can be used to detect possible vulnerabilities in your SAP system by scanning these systems for vulnerabilities and deliver detailed output. After running these analysis, often the question is raised: 'where to start first?'.

Within this session you will get practical guidance on how to follow-up on SAP Security assessment findings by following a risk based approach. We will highlight common challenges and best practices for customers to help them better protect their business-critical SAP systems.

Speakers include:

Nuvin Goonmeter
Managing Director
Nuvin Goonmeter, Managing Director and leading IT Security Consulting for Protiviti in France. I have over 22 years of cross-industry experience delivering IT security projects. Before joining Protiviti, I was an Executive Director in Financial Services at EY. Prior, he served at PwC as Director of Cybersecurity where I delivered local and international projects to finance, automotive and insurance clients. I began his consulting career at DCDM Consulting (affiliated to Andersen Worldwide) and Accenture where he started as a Consultant after earning a Bachelor of Science in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Mauritius in 1996. I led teams to deliver security consulting services at clients in Mauritius, France, South Africa and the UK in various industries.
Annis Hammami
Senior Manager
Anis HAMMAMI, Senior Manager in Cybersecurity and Privacy for Protiviti in France. Over 12 years of cross-industry experience delivering IT security projects. Before joining Protiviti, he was Manager in Financial Services at EY Paris. He began his consulting career at Capgemini, then as a Pentester, followed by a brief Infrastructure Pre-Sales carrier after earning a Bachelor of Information Technology engineering from INSA Tunisia in 2006 and a Master degree in Information System Management from EM Lyon in 2008. He led teams to deliver security consulting services at clients in Tunisia and France in various industries.
Joris van de Vis
SAP Security specialist
Joris is no stranger field of SAP Security. His specific interest lies in SAP platform-cybersecurity. He likes helping customers to secure their SAP systems and doing SAP security research like findings vulnerabilities in SAP or scanning the internet for connected SAP systems. He reported over 80 vulnerabilities in SAP applications to the SAP Security team and regularly presents on the topic of SAP security at Security conferences. He was invited twice to present on SAP's internal security summit as well. Joris has got 20 years of experience working for large SAP running companies and government departments. Joris is co-founder of ERP-SEC, a SAP security focused company based in the Netherlands that developedd Protect4S.
25 Jun 2020

04:00 PM to 04:45 PM CEST
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Security and Privacy

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Bedrijf: Protiviti

Datum: 25 juni 2020

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