Secure and in Compliant in the SAP Cloud

23 juni 2020
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22 juni 2020
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Protiviti is pleased to invite you to the next webinar "Keeping Secure and in Compliant in the SAP Cloud". This webinar is part of the webinar series "Practical guide to SAP Security".

Business-critical applications such as SAP are at the core of your business activities and many organizations depend on SAP to run their daily business. To protect your SAP landscape against various cyber threats, prevention, detection and response capabilities are essential. This practical guide to SAP Security gives you insights on how to integrate these capabilities into your organizations to reduce your organizations SAP cyber risks.

SAP customers are increasingly moving towards cloud-based solutions whether public or private – AWS, Azure, HEC, Google, and many others offer robust platforms upon which you can build your transformation projects. Whether the future holds a cloud or on-premise based solution, the clients remains the legal owner of the data in these “hosted” systems, leaving you as a provider with obligations and liability. Risk management and security become key concerns in any move to the cloud.

This webinar, with guest speakers Greg Kushmerek (Onapsis) and John Livingood (Protiviti), helps explain the nature of the active threats out there now that should focus your thoughts on including security-by-design at the start of your journey to the cloud. You will see how you can include policy-based compliance controls, vulnerability management, and real-time detection that let you identify risks early and respond to unfolding threats.


Greg Kushmerek, Technical Director, Onapsis
John Livingood, Managing Director, Protiviti
Roy Mutsaers, Manager, Protiviti

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Bedrijf: Protiviti

Datum: 23 juni 2020

Inschrijven voor: 22 juni 2020

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