The Future of Digital Transformation

27 maart 2019
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26 maart 2019
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Do you want to experience Digital Transformation enabled by KPMG? Are you an experienced professional or IT geek? Interested in Cyber Security, Cloud, SAP Blockchain or AI? Are you curious to discover the new innovative technologies offered by KPMG? Please join us on Wednesday the 27th of March 2019, for the ‘Future of Digital Transformation’ event at the KPMG Head office in Amstelveen! During this intimate event, you are able to discover  our views on Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation at KPMG: The human side of Digital

Who or what is driving the radical digital transformation of our society? Technology, or people? We believe it’s people. Entire sectors are changing dramatically and business models are becoming obsolete while we watch. And anyone who isn’t on board is out of the game. Technology seems omnipresent. And yet we, as people, are still right there. How should your organisation be dealing with the needs of customers which are changing ever faster? How should you be responding to new markets, new competitors and new business models? Can you offer a superior customer experience at any time? The opportunities offered by digital transformation are enormous. But only for organisations that can adapt quickly and place human beings at the centre of this change.

We offer our customers insight into the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. Working together with our customers, we formulate a strategy based on the needs of their customers. We help to implement this strategy and to adapt organisations accordingly. In this way, our customers aren’t just reacting to what the future brings, but helping to shape the future.


15:00 - 15:30 Welcome speech

15.30 – 16.00 ‘AI in Control’

As we enter an age of governance by Artificial Intelligence, we must think about the governance of Artificial Intelligence as well. This means that trustworthy outcomes of AI should inherently be part of the process that drives it. How to achieve this, is a topic that is put central in ‘AI In Control’, ensuring that topics such as Ethics, Trustworthiness and Explainability of AI are all covered in the presentation provided by Frank van Praat.

16.00 – 18.00 Break – out sessions

  • SAP Blockchain

What is the impact of Blockchain going to be on today’s ERP system? A simple use case making business processes more efficient.

  • Audit of the Future

GRC consultants will lead you through areal-life case, with regards to the Audit of the future: Control automation and control integration.           

  • Cyber security

Public and private organizations in various sectors worldwide now openly acknowledge that cyber attacks are one of the most prevalent and high impact risks they face. Dealing with the cyber threat is a complex challenge. Much of the current focus is on protection and compliance, as organizations – subject to increasing amounts of legislative, corporate and regulatory requirements – demonstrate they are managing and protecting information appropriately.

  • Intelligent Retail

Are your customers aware of the major impact of AI, IoT, Machine Learning on the Retail Business? Intelligent customer journeys will be discussed from the Cloud perspective. Transforming Retail for the digital age!

18:00-18:15 End speech
18.15 - 19.30 Drinks & Networking

For Whom

For professionals within the tech industry, wanting to learn more about Cyber Security, Cloud Azure, Audit, SAP Blockchain or AI. After attending the event, you will be eligible to receive PE points.

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Bedrijf: KPMG

Datum: 27 maart 2019

Inschrijven voor: 26 maart 2019

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Locatie: Amstelveen