Transforming your market towards sustainability

06 mei 2019
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30 april 2019
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Business Course
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NewForesight and Nyenrode Business University present an opportunity for you to join a 5-day 'Changing the Game: Transforming your market towards sustainability' program!

Sustainability is changing the world, rapidly. Only a few companies know what to expect. Future winners will be those who understand the dynamics of ongoing market transformation and the phases their companies and sectors will be going through.

NewForesight and Nyenrode Business University are joining forces and are offering a 5-day 'Changing the Game Program' for professionals who want to strengthen their knowledge on sustainability, understand how to tackle systemic challenges and become future thought leaders. Through the use of methods, tools, resources and plans, this program is designed to provoke, challenge and above all inspire participants to stimulate their contribution to sustainability through market transformation. NewForesight and Nyenrode Business University will share their years of experience, insights and research across 10 different sectors. These sectors include: construction, chemicals, tourism, education, healthcare, mining, agriculture, textiles, finance and gold.

After this week-long course you will be ready to align to global sustainability developments through your company’s strategic mission and the market you are operative in. By transforming your market through sustainability you will be changing the game!

If you are:

  • A Senior to mid-level executive, or leader of an organization (Corporate, CSO, Government, Research, Media etc)
  • A Practitioner, CSR manager, or sustainability champion
  • Passionate about making sustainable changes within your sector
  • Personally committed and motivated to take action as a leader

Then this course is for you!

What will you gain from the Changing the Game program?

  • a deep understanding of the market dynamics of your own sector and why it may be failing
  • a clear idea of the importance and urgency for your own organization to change its course of action and to seize opportunities, while making an impact
  • a clear plan of action on what to do, when, and how
  • an understanding of the business case behind the plan of action and materials to help you communicate this with conviction
  • membership into a growing global network of leaders who share the same vision and ambition to make structural changes to create more sustainable sectors
  • A free copy of the 'Changing the Game' book when published

What are the main questions that will be addressed?

  • What is going on in my sector, country, in the world? Why are we having these sustainability challenges that we can't seem to solve, and that keep returning, while we are trying hard?
  • How can you structurally solve them? What are the strategies and tactics?
  • What does this mean for my organization? How can I benefit from it? What are the threats and opportunities?
  • What does this mean for my role as a leader? How can I take actionable steps?

Who is teaching?
The program will be given by course leaders Lucas Simons (chief executive of NewForesight) and André Nijhof (Professor of Sustainable Business and Stewardship at the Nyenrode University). They are co-authors of the upcoming book ”Changing the Game”, the sequel to Lucas’ first book, “Changing the Food Game”.

How do I apply?
For more information about the program or to express your interest in participating in the program, you can visit this website and/or send an email.

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Bedrijf: NewForesight

Datum: 06 mei 2019

Inschrijven voor: 30 april 2019

Type event: Business Course

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