Workshop dr. Eliat Aram - On love, leadership and aesthetics at work

03 juni 2019
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02 juni 2019
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On love, leadership and aesthetics @ work: a day workshop inviting thoughts, dreams, wishes and imagination; working with shadows and lights and what is in between.  Having inspired the audience in her talk given at Sioo’s 60th anniversary, Eliat Aram is returning to Utrecht to take part in the Sioo Internationaal Systeemfestival.  There will be opportunities to unpack and work with Eliat’s provocative and multi-layered ideas in a more leisurely and playful manner throughout the day.  Any practitioner interested in deepening their engagement with Work is welcome to participate.  This is a workshop for the workaholic.  No apologies.

Let op: deze workshop is in het Engels!

About Eliat Aram

Dr Eliat Aram has been the CEO of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) for over 10 years.  The TIHR, a not-for-profit organisation operating in the UK and abroad for over 70 years, is a world-leading research, evaluation, consultancy and professional development organisation.  Believing in the abundant potential of human relationships and love for people are the drivers for the way Eliat shapes the direction of the Institute and its many and diverse activities.

Eliat is a Chartered Scientist Psychologist (BPS), a UKCP registered Gestalt Psychotherapist and has been one of the pioneering members of the CMC (Complexity & Management Centre) of Hertfordshire University.  Her theoretical grounding is in complexity theory, organisational studies and systems psychodynamics.  She is a keen practitioner in Group Relations, the Tavistock enterprise’s core ‘learning through experience’ practice.  She has directed dozens of Group Relations Conferences internationally including the Tavistock Institute’s flagship GRC known as the Leicester conference.  She regularly works with organisation and community change agents, exploring how to work in the unknown, in conditions of high turbulence, uncertainty and ambiguity.

She has a special interest in the dialectic between leadership, ethics and aesthetics using a participative design approach.  In her organisation development work she brings expertise in creating spaces for difficult and creative conversations, addressing hidden, sometimes unconscious, issues and facilitating a process out of which change and growth may emerge.  She has been one of the two directors of the TIHR’s certified courses Coaching for Leadership and Professional Development (2014-2017) and co-founder of the Supervision for Coaching and Consultancy course, now in its fourth cohort.   She has contributed to all TIHR PD activities and programme design.

Currently, Eliat is leading the development of the Tavistock Institute China partnership and has just returned from a two-week module in Qingdao having successfully completed leading the certification programme for the first cohort of Tavistock systems consulting practitioners in China.

Someone told her recently that perhaps work-life balance is found when one finds their love at and for work and life. She thinks this might just be so.


Voor wie: deze workshop is voor iedereen die houdt of wil leren houden van zijn/haar werk.
Duur: 1 dag (inclusief avond)
Studiebelasting: 12 uur
Deelnamekosten: € 650
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Datum: 03 juni 2019

Inschrijven voor: 02 juni 2019

Type event: Workshop

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Locatie: Utrecht