Workshop See, Understand, Influence - dr. Glenda Eoyang

28 mei 2019
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27 mei 2019
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Many people see ambiguity, cognitive overload, and helplessness at the intersection of complexity science and human systems. They worry about unpredictable surprises, and they fear the loss of control that mark VUCA (volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous) environments. But there is an alternative approach. It is possible to do good work in complex adaptive systems without denying or fighting their inherent uncertainty.

In this session you will learn three keys to thriving in complexity. You will practice using those keys to unlock a complex issue you face today, and you will tap into an approach that will sustain your learning and practice across many different challenges and far into the future.

The source of this theory and practice is Human Systems Dynamics (HSD). This field draws from two distinct sources. First, lessons from chaos, complexity, and systems sciences help you see fundamental simplicity on the other side of chaos. Second, decades of successful practice with real-world challenges ensure that the HSD tools are powerful, easy to use, and simple to teach to others. You will develop your own theory and practice of HSD as you:

  • Explore the dynamics of complex adaptive systems
  • Understand why your teams, organizations, and communities become more VUCA every day
  • Distinguish three kinds of change, and engage with the dynamics of each
  • Practice the disciplines of Inquiry, Pattern Logic, and Adaptive Action
  • Give and receive peer coaching to apply what you learn to your own complex challenges
  • Prepare to share the essentials of HSD with others to enhance their ability to thrive in complexity
  • Access resources, and a network of interested others, to support your continuing learning and practice
  • See your most complex challenges in a new light, understand them in provocative and useful ways, and find wise action to transform challenge into opportunity 

You should attend this session if you want to understand and work more effectively in your complex environment. You will also find this program useful if you have studied systems or complexity sciences, and you want to apply your learning to practical challenges.

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Voor wie: Deze sessie is voor iedereen toegankelijk. In deze sessie leer je met behulp van lessen uit de chaos- en complexiteitheorie hoe om te gaan met situaties van onzekerheid en ambiguïteit. Human System Dynamics biedt in deze sessie een drietal sleutels dat je in staat stelt om je thuis te voelen in een onzekere context. 
Duur: 2 dagen (incl. avond)
Studiebelasting: 20 uur
Deelnamekosten: € 950

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Datum: 28 mei 2019

Inschrijven voor: 27 mei 2019

Type event: Workshop

Doelgroep: Zie omschrijving

Locatie: Utrecht