Managing your Global Workforce

27 september 2018
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26 september 2018
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Websites are not the only things that need to be mobile-optimized. Today’s increasingly globalized environment means you need to be ready to mobilize people at every level of your organization.

Next to our comprehensive research and mobility data, We also have the tools and the experience to help you meet your organization’s specific mobility needs, with practical advice behind the hard numbers. During this roundtable event, we will demonstrate how global mobility functions can increase efficiency and better prepare mobility workers for their work abroad through modern technology solutions.


  • Assignment Pro™ Core: a web-based assignment management system, pre-configured for small to mid-sized mobility programs, covering the complete assignment lifecycle, from pre-authorization to compensation, taxes and repatriation.
  • New Balance Sheet Calculator: our new expatriate compensation calculator has additional flexibilities and features to deliver balance sheet calculations with efficiency, accuracy and confidence on a new user interface.
  • Per diem calculator: quickly defines appropriate allowances per location and circumstance (apartment stay, hotel stay, business travel) with flexibilities to customize baskets, on an easy-to-use interactive web interface which ensures that consistency is applied worldwide.
  • Mobilize housing Solution: an enhanced interface that makes gathering information quick, flexible and convenient, providing mobility managers with the confidence to determine fair, cost-effective housing budgets. Our Advanced solution offers two exclusive new categories – “least expensive” and “exclusive” – to offer additional flexibilities to match your policies

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Datum: 27 september 2018

Inschrijven voor: 26 september 2018

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