Linear Risk Webinar

28 juni 2018
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28 juni 2018
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Why investors can no longer ignore the threats of being "linear

The linear economy is nourishing inequality, the depletion of our resources and causing irreversible environmental pollution and climate change and ultimately... putting us all out of business.

More and more companies are confronted with ‘Linear Risks’ like price volatility, supply chain failures as well as fines or lawsuits due to changing legislation. This linear approach does not only cause serious business threats, it hugely hinders our ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and close the global Circularity Gap of 91%.Linear Risks - Circle EconomyExperts from PGGMKPMGWBCSDEBRD and Circle Economy have co-authored the Linear Risk essay aimed to raise awareness and create a constructive dialogue with the financial and business community to better understand and model ‘Linear Risks’ - the exposure to the effects of linear business practices which will negatively impact an organisation’s ability to continue as a going concern. Businesses face these risks if they utilize scarce and non-renewable resources, prioritize sales of new products, fail to collaborate, and fail to innovate or adapt. If unresolved, these could have a disastrous effect on the financial industry and our global economy.

Join the ‘Linear Risks’ Webinar where you will hear from our experts to understand more about the risks we are facing and can share your thoughts on the subject.

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Datum: 28 juni 2018

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