DevOps Essentials Webinar: Achieving the Desired DevOps Behavior in your Organization

24 april 2018
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24 april 2018
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Achieving a DevOps culture isn’t easy. Effective behavioral change will drive your teams towards high performance.

In the search to become truly adaptive in their dynamic markets, organizations have intensified their cloud adoption and pipeline automation efforts. However, to become a true high-performance organization, it is essential to dramatically change the organizational culture towards multidisciplinary collaboration in a blameless and continuously improving context.

But how is this radical cultural shift achieved? How can we effectively change the individual behaviors of all people involved? Quint invites you to join this webinar, to learn about the practical application of behavioral instruments in achieving the desired DevOps behavior in your organization.

In this 30-minutes session we will cover

  • The essence, drivers and context of DevOps
  • The (CALMS) success factors in DevOps transformations
  • The principles behind Organizational Behavior Management
  • An effective approach and instruments to achieve the desired behavior
  • Practical examples of DevOps behavior in high-performance organizations

About the Presenter

Dave van Herpen is a Principal Consultant with Quint, and one of the leading experts on DevOps and Enterprise Agility. He trains, coaches and advises teams and boards in their transformation towards high-performance organizations. Dave brings extensive experience in the areas of Service Management, Agile, Lean and DevOps.

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Bedrijf: Quint

Datum: 24 april 2018

Inschrijven voor: 24 april 2018

Type event: Business Course

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