Executive Round Table - Scaling Agile in a dynamic Utilities environment

18 mei 2017
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17 mei 2017
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IT Managers, CIO’s and IT Business Managers
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The external business context has changed significantly in the last decade. In terms of technology, society, demography and globalization, a number of trends created new challenges and opportunities for companies combined with an urgent need for flexibility in a growing level of complexity. This complexity requires a more agile approach to work. More and more managers realize this and spend time on adapting their organization. They read a lot about the successes that new leading companies achieve with autonomous agile teams. However, letting go of the familiar RACI based organization is too big a step for many drivers. Even more in case of an Utilities environment. How can agility be organized in such an environment and how can you scale up agility to your whole organization without losing your audience? These are the main themes for this round table.

Objectives of this Event

The round table aims to create insight in the challenges that will appear, the best practices available and relevant capabilities needed for the dynamic utilities environment to realize agile working and harvest related opportunities. Eddy Huisman and Diederick Dekker, senior consultants within Quint, will give an introduction on the various aspects in an Agile transformation. Based on this introduction we will run a Knowledge sprint around each of the 3 main questions. Attendees will be asked to prioritize their ‘need to know’s’. The prioritized items will be the basis for a discussion and further investigation with peers. 

Key topics

  • What are the typical characteristics of an Agile delivery (incl sourced) model?
  • How can you scale up Agile delivery and how do you respond to internal customers?
  • How to organize Agile work and how does this method work with different mixtures or pure operational excellence? 

Who should attent?

IT Managers, CIO’s and IT Business Managers of enterprises within the utilities market interested in Scaling Agile

Program May 18th

16.00 – 16.15 Welcome & Registration
16.30 – 18.00 Sprint 1; Agile delivery in an utilities environment
18.30 – 19.00 Dinner
19.00 – 20.15 Sprint 2; Upscaling Agile to a companywide standard
20.15 – 20.30 Finalize roundtable

There are no cost involved for participating. For more information please contact your Quint representative or Roos Mijnen (r.mijnen@quintgroup.com).

Event informatie

Bedrijf: Quint

Datum: 18 mei 2017

Inschrijven voor: 17 mei 2017

Type event: Workshop

Doelgroep: IT Managers, CIO’s and IT Business Managers

Locatie: Amsterdam