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01 november 2016
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31 oktober 2016
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Are you ready for the next generation security solutions?

On Tuesday the 1st of November 2016 Protiviti Netherlands is organizing the round table 'Information Security'.

Cyber criminals and nation states are using sophisticated ways of targeting and breaching companies. They are increasingly adept at circumventing security defences using new attack vectors and unknown exploits. Despite the security investments made, companies still find it hard to combat this trend. Security operations and (intrusion) detection technology brought them the ears and eyes in the network, but it remains challenging to distinguish real threats from false positives. It is alarming to discover breaches that were not detected in time, as the detection relies on signatures.

Security intelligence
But this situation might change with new technology at the horizon. Security analytics solutions provide real-time analytics on network traffic and system activity, using anomaly driven detection techniques, unsupervised machine learning and entity monitoring based on self-learnt baselines. Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions help companies to assess their cyber risks. Collecting and analysing cyber threat information provides insight to actual cyber threat landscape, threat actors and tools and techniques used, and supports strategic security decision making, steer operational security monitoring and direct security investments.

If you want to learn more about these current trends in security intelligence and how these could be applied within your organization, then join our roundtable. We have invited Darktrace to provide us with an insight into how their self-learning technology is capable of identifying sophisticated threats within enterprise networks in real time. Darktrace leverages advanced mathematical models to establish a pattern of life for every device, user and network which enables it to stay ahead of emerging threats, insider attacks and other live threat scenarios.

Kees Schrama, IT Security lead at Protiviti, will share his point of view and discuss the current developments on cyber security threat intelligence. He will provide an overview of the problems and the solutions and standards available in the marketspace regarding Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Richard Robins, Cyber Security Technology Specialist at Darktrace, will give an overview of how the Enterprise Immune System uses maths and unsupervised machine learning to detect and defend organisations against cyber threats.

Program 1 November 2016
15:30 Guest reception
16:00 Start main program / welcome
16:05 Presentation: Security Threat Intelligence, by Kees Schrama, Protiviti
16:30 Presentation: Darktrace Enterprise Immune System, by Richard Robins, Darktrace
17:30 Key conclusions, recommendations and discussion
18:00 Drinks
19:00 End

The event is invitation-only.

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Bedrijf: Protiviti

Datum: 01 november 2016

Inschrijven voor: 31 oktober 2016

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