Why brands should care about customer engagement?

21 juli 2016
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20 juli 2016
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On the 21 st of July Dicitas Consulting and Thunderhead are organising a Customer Engagement Roundtable. The event starts at 3PM and will be concluded with network drinks and BBQ on our terrace. This event is invitation only, 20 seats are available. Pre-registration is required to reserve your seat!

Why Customer Engagement matters?
Research over the last decade consistently demonstrates the power of customer engagement as a strong predictor of business growth. Research by Gallup has shown that brands that successfully engage with their customers see 63% lower customer attrition, 55% higher share of wallet, and 50% higher productivity. Simply put, when customers believe they are getting more out of a brand, they give more to it.

Enabling Brands to deliver on the promise of customer engagement
Businesses think in terms of sales, service and marketing to customers. Your customers are only interested in what’s relevant to them. It’s a complex puzzle for you to solve: your customers have an ever-increasing choice of how they talk with you; your brand is already handling a raft of internal processes and systems. Until now.

Ray Gerber, CSO of Thunderhead, will explain why every organisation needs an Engagement Hub that can piece this puzzle together. Ray is a strong leader in the customer engagement market with over 30 years’ experience in building strategies that allow organisations to deploy new and innovative technologies to help bridge and plug this gap. Because the best brands want happy customers.

Information and Registration
The roundtable session will be held in the office of Dicitas Consulting at the 21st of July starting at 3PM and will be concluded with a BBQ on our terrace overlooking the Entrepot Harbor.

This event is invitation only. 20 seats are available.

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Bedrijf: Dicitas Consulting

Datum: 21 juli 2016

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