The Strategy Workshop for Engineers

01 oktober 2016
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01 oktober 2016
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Convert Your Knowledge Into Sustainable Energy
October, 2016

You are supporting your client, a desert solar power plant manufacturer, in analyzing the potential of investing in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Which locations are best suited for piloting new plants? How can power be efficiently transported to the major European markets? Which technologies are the most effective in different setups?

In this workshop, you will discover the full extent of strategy consulting. Based on a real BCG assignment, you will gain insight into the life of a management consultant and apply the knowledge you have acquired so far. Together with an international BCG team and about 50 top students from European universities, you will address a topic that is central to the success of the energy revolution. Moreover, you will learn the methodologies and approach of the world's leading strategy consultancy and face new challenges that will allow you to grow on a personal level.

Applications will open in September 2016.

Please contact Stephanie ter Stege for further questions.

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Bedrijf: Boston Consulting Group

Datum: 01 oktober 2016

Inschrijven voor: 01 oktober 2016

Type event: Business Course

Doelgroep: Topstudenten

Locatie: Amsterdam