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24 september 2015
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23 september 2015
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Growth in global trade, new consumer requirements, ever-bigger vessels, complex supply chain management and increasing environmental and safety requirements are increasing the pressure on logistics operations. This means that the logistics industry is going through structural changes that are triggering investments, leading to growth in organizational capacities as well as seek new ways to manage costs.

Mercer is launching a Global Logistics Industry Forum to support clients in the sector by helping them respond to these evolving organizational requirements and industry trends.

We are delighted to invite you, as our guest, to our forum event for the European Group in Amsterdam. The European event is by invitation only and there will be no charge for attending.

The objective of the forum is to facilitate discussion and dialog on key HR issues facing the sector today and most likely in the future.

Agenda items (from 10am to 4pm)

  • Update on Mercer’s Logistics Human Capital Spotlight Survey
  • Assessing the impact of technology on Logistics jobs in the future
  • Latest rewards trends in Europe
  • Logistics client case study
  • Managing a globally mobile workforce in Logistics

During the inaugural event we will also discuss how you would want the European Forum to run and what other key topics and issues you would want to be raised in the future.

You can register your attendance by clicking here or learn more about Mercer’s Global Logistics Forum by clicking here.  

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Bedrijf: Mercer

Datum: 24 september 2015

Inschrijven voor: 23 september 2015

Type event: Seminar

Doelgroep: Professionals