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The Group Compliance Function 

The Group Compliance Function’s aim is to proactively support Willis Towers Watson to generate sustainable value, helping the company to deliver good client outcomes, manage its conduct, protect against regulatory risk, and to maintain strong regulatory relationships. We aim to be a trusted part-ner to the business. Within Willis Towers Watson’s internal control system, we form part of the Sec-ond Line of Defence, as a function independent from daily business activities.

Our Every Day Effect is to inspire ethical decisions. Compliance is a trusted Professional Partner, supporting WTW’s sustainable business growth by providing pragmatic advice, oversight and effective challenge.

We lead the management and co-ordination of Willis Towers Watson Group Compliance policies and procedures, identifying applicable regulatory requirements and assisting in implementing relevant processes to enable standards to be met. We also provide guidance and training. We monitor compliance with regulatory obligations and implemented controls within the Compliance Program. The Compliance team leads the management and coordination of the requirements of our global regulators. 

The Business 

Corporate Risk and Broking
CRB provides a broad range of risk advice and insurance broking services to clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. The segment mainly conducts regulated business.

Human Capital and Benefits
HCB combines deep analytics, sage advice, astute broking, intuitive software, proven administration and relevant solutions to help all kinds of organizations (from small to mega) address their talent and benefit issues. The segment conducts both regulated and unregulated business.

Investment, Risk and Reinsurance
IRR provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to help clients manage and measure risk and capital – through investment advice, advanced analytics, structuring and completing transactions, and plac-ing risk. The segment conducts both regulated and unregulated business.

The Role

Principal Accountabilities

•    Manager of People: No
•    Applicable Segment(s): Corporate Risk and Broking, Human Capital and Benefits, Investment, Risk and Reinsurance
•    Geographic Scope of Role: the Netherlands
•    Budgetary and risk management responsibilities: No
•    Revenue responsibilities: No

Reporting to the Regional Compliance Officer – Western Europe (Central Region), within a team of skilled colleagues, the Compliance Business Partner Netherlands is a key contributor to the departments’ aim of maintaining an efficient, independent Compliance Function and framework, principally through:

OGC Engagement
All Compliance colleagues are expected to adhere to the OGC Principles.

OGC Behaviours
All Compliance colleagues are expected to adhere to the WTW Values and Code of Conduct. 

Principal Duties/Responsibilities

In respect of all businesses of Willis Towers Watson Netherlands (“the Relevant Business”) be responsible for the following activities. References in brackets are to the full description of each activity or set of activities in the Compliance Activity Catalogue.

1. Identify, Plan and Apply

•    Develop, implement, embed and maintain an efficient and independent Compliance Function. (IPA1.1)
•    Map the regulatory framework, horizon scan for developments, report and respond to new or changed regulation or legislation within Compliance’s remit applicable to the Relevant Business. (IPA1.2, IPA1.3, IPA1.4)
•    Assess whether policies and procedures, systems and controls fully address regulatory or compliance strategic requirements applicable to the Relevant Business. Develop, implement, embed and maintain an efficient Compliance framework of policies and procedures, systems and controls. (IPA1.5, IPA1.6, IPA1.7, IPA1.8)
•    Closure of Compliance owned actions and supporting the closure of regulatory recommendations following internal/external audits. (IPA1.9)
•    Identify compliance training needs, develop and deliver compliance training within the Relevant Business. (IPA1.10)
•    Identify and assess compliance and regulatory risks in the Relevant Business taking into account relevant internal and external sources of data as well as changes to assessments of other risk types. (IPA2.1)
•    Create and deliver an annual Compliance Plan for the Relevant Business. (IPA3.1, IPA3.2, S1.1)
•    Appropriate communications to colleagues in the Relevant Business as set out in the Compliance Plan, and on an ad-hoc basis. (IPA4.1, IPA4.22)

2. Support

•    Champion Compliance at all levels of the Relevant Business, partnering with the business, support and provide pragmatic risk-based advice and counsel to all appropriate stakeholders as well as provide effective challenge and oversight. (S1.2, S1.7, S1.8, S1.9, S1.10)
•    Partnering with business management to define the Compliance strategy for the Relevant Business. (S1.3)
•    Provide challenge and oversight on business management’s assessment and governance of compliance and regulatory risk. (S1.4, S1.5)
•    Provide guidance and advice to business management in developing appropriate 'tone from the top' and awareness of required business conduct and ethical standards, including the Code of Conduct. (S1.6)
•    Partnering with the business to review and challenge the design and structuring of specific transactions, new products, services, operational procedures, operational change and initiatives. (S1.11)
•    Provide advice, from a compliance and regulatory perspective only, on the design of First Line of Defence quality assurance models. (S1.12)
•    Oversight of and support to complaints handlers, handling complaints in rare cases as appropriate. (S1.13)
•    Compliance Function ad-hoc strategic or operational projects as requested. (S1.14)
•    Record keeping in line with regulatory requirements and/or WTW policies and procedures. (S1.15).
•    If mandated by regulation or applicable policies and procedures, provide input to new or approve changes to operating procedures, and give approvals under specific control frameworks. (S2.1, S2.2)
•    Investigate suspected, alleged or actual breaches of regulatory requirements or WTW Compliance policies and procedures within the Relevant Business and ensure resolution. Develop corrective action plans and track implementation status for revisions of other com-pliance-related controls. (S4.1, S4.2)

3. Monitor

•    Carry out monitoring activities in line with the annual Compliance Plan and on an ad-hoc basis, ensuring that remedial action is taken, and material issues, incidents and breaches are escalated to relevant stakeholders. (M1.1, M1.3)
•    Support the Excellence function in the performance of selected Excellence Reviews, focussing on compliance with regulatory requirements and Compliance policies/procedures. (M1.2)
•    Collate and deliver accurate and appropriate compliance metrics and information to appropriate stakeholders in the Relevant Business and the Compliance Function. Compile and deliver compliance records or information requested by internal/external auditors. (M.2.1, M2.2, M2.3)

4. Engagement

•    Maintain effective relationships with regulators and relevant supervisory authorities or self-regulating bodies; ensure timely submission of accurate regulatory reporting; respond to regulatory information requests and enquiries. Reporting of issues and breaches to applicable regulators where requested or required. (E1.1, E1.2, E1.3, E1.4)
•    Represent WTW in relevant industry or similar associations or groups as appropriate. (E2.1)
•    Act as a professional, trusted and transparent Business Partner to the Relevant Business and other stakeholders. (E3.1)
•    Ensure quality and proactive engagement with the Relevant Business at all levels, by e.g. attending relevant meetings, and supporting the business in meeting its regulatory obligations. Partner with management in the Relevant Business and foster a collaborative approach to embedding ‘compliance culture’ throughout the business and to support the Three Lines of Defence model. (E3.2, E.3.3, E3.5)
•    As a representative of the Second Line of Defence, monitor and facilitate the implementation of effective regulatory risk management practices by operational management in the Relevant Business and assist the risk owners in reporting adequate risk related information up and down the organization. (E3.4)
•    Foster close relationships with other Functions including Legal, Risk and Internal Audit. (E4.2, E4.3)

Communications and Relationships 

•    Strong relationships with compliance team.
•    Trusted relationship with business team.


•    Dutch regulatory authorities.
•    Associations.

Approvals or registrations

•    Not required.

Qualifications and Experience


•    Strong regulatory and corporate governance knowledge/understanding required.
•    Excellent interpersonal and influencing skills, with the ability to engage effectively at all levels to promote an effective and business focused compliance culture. 
•    Ability to work, both individually and as a team, under pressure to tight timelines and without direct supervision. 
•    Commercial awareness – a commercial and pragmatic approach to managing compliance risks.
•    Commitment to continuous professional development and maintaining excellent understanding of regulatory developments.
•    Must be committed to maintaining a robust compliance culture and high ethical standards. 
•    Always demonstrates high integrity.
•    Proactive and a self-starter.
•    Organised and methodical.
•    Excellent analytical problem-solving skills.
•    Strong communication skills, both orally and in writing.
•    Dutch language (mother tongue), fluent in English language (orally and in writing).


•    French language skills

Equal Opportunity Employer

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