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Bedrijf: Eden McCallum

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Uitstekend

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Join Eden McCallum as an Analyst

Eden McCallum analysts work alongside our experienced consultants and our in-house team to tackle important business issues.

Our analysts work on client projects, as well as working closely with our in-house team to support our business development efforts with research and analysis. Our analysts have the opportunity to stretch themselves and build their problem-solving, analytical and communications skills in a fast-paced, commercial environment.

Our analysts have the opportunity to progress into more senior roles while working with us, taking on greater responsibility for client relationships, managing others and leading components of projects.  Many then move into roles with our clients or other companies – for example, joining specialist consultancies, strategy departments within industry, start-ups or private equity firms.

Successful applicants will be about to complete or have completed a master’s degree (excluding Master of Business Administration).  They will also:

  • Have a record of outstanding academic and personal achievement
  • Have a demonstrated interest in understanding how businesses work
  • Enjoy solving challenging problems with rigour and pragmatism
  • Be comfortable with collecting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative data
  • Have demonstrated leadership and enjoy working as part of a team
  • Be confident, creative, resourceful and independent
  • Be committed and keen to invest in their career

Our analysts are employed full time, based out of our London or Amsterdam office (though recruitment of analysts for our London office follows a separate process and timings and is currently closed).  A unique development opportunity in consulting, the analyst role at Eden McCallum provides apprenticeship and support from the very best independent consultants, learning from their deep and varied experience across consulting and industry, and significant collaboration with clients, while playing a meaningful role in shaping a small, but leading and innovative consulting firm.

You will work closely with our independent consultants, who have backgrounds from the top traditional strategy firms such as McKinsey, Bain and BCG, as well as track records in industry. You will be exposed to a variety of industry sectors and functions, obtaining a broad insight into the key strategic issues leading companies are facing. In addition, you will work with partners and senior staff of Eden McCallum to support our business development efforts, as we seek to grow our business and increase our international footprint.

You will have the opportunity to stretch yourself, develop a strong business grounding, and build your professional skills – all the while, in a fast-paced commercial environment. Our analyst role aims to equip you with the tools and skills required to be a successful strategy consultant and to set you up for success (whatever career path you’re aiming for in the long-term), including:

  • Problem definition and problem solving approaches
  • Qualitative and quantitative research techniques
  • Analysis and business modelling skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Managing client and stakeholder relationships

Our structured training programme will equip you with a ‘toolkit’ that enables you to rapidly add value to our clients from the very start. This begins with a three-week induction in London, including project shadowing and formal training delivered by external and internal trainers and facilitators. The initial training focuses on problem solving, communication skills and delivering for personal impact, among other core competences. Subsequent regular training sessions throughout the programme cover topics such as excel modelling, financial accounting, presentation skills, problem solving and developing your interpersonal skills. All sessions will focus on developing you as a consultant in addition to promoting personal development.

A key element of the analyst role is coaching and on-the-job development, both on internal assignments and client-based projects. You will receive regular informal and formal feedback and coaching throughout and at the end of each project and assignment. In addition, you will be assigned a mentor who will oversee your development throughout your career with us.

While working as an analyst, you will be expected to travel as required for periods when working on client engagements. Working in small teams, you will be given responsibility for delivering elements of our client and internal projects, as well as being expected to contribute to the wider problem solving effort. Key tasks will include:

  • Understanding the client context and key issues through data gathering and interviews with clients and experts
  • Researching and understanding key industry trends and market information
  • Analysing, interpreting, synthesising and clearly presenting data, drawing out key messages and relevant insights
  • Working with Eden McCallum and client team members to derive conclusions and develop recommendations

Our analysts have the opportunity to stay with Eden McCallum for a number of years taking on more senior roles as they progress and develop their consulting skills. After an initial 2 years, strong performers are promoted, with the strongest performers achieving a further promotion after an additional 2-3 years. In each role, you are encouraged to stretch yourself, further broadening and deepening your consulting toolkit. Your time with us will help you identify and better understand the industries and functions that you’re excited about pursuing more deeply. Your mentor, and the wider group of partners and staff, will help you grow and will support you in planning and transitioning to your next career opportunity. Recent leavers have had the opportunity to join specialist consultancies, strategy departments within industry, start-ups and private equity firms.

Applications for our Amsterdam office are now open.  Please send your CV, a cover letter explaining your motivation and an overview of your school and university grades (cijferlijst) to:

  • For our September 2017 intake, the deadline for your application is 7 May 2017

Applicants to the Amsterdam office should speak fluent Dutch and English and should be eligible to work in the EU.

Applications for our London office are now closed for 2017. 

Vacature informatie

Bedrijf: Eden McCallum

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Uitstekend

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