Creative Designer – Pursuits (EMEIA FSO)


Vacature informatie

Bedrijf: EY

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Uitstekend

Deze vacature is niet meer vacant

Position summary:
Produces creative, comprehensive layout and design for client deliverables requiring basic conceptualisation of ideas in preparation of original art for print or electronic documents. Maintains design skills and a broad knowledge of current design and production techniques. Offers conceptual design and production solutions to internal and external customers based on strategies in relation to client business needs. Manages routine design projects from concept through production, effectively prioritises work, balances multiple priorities simultaneously, and plans and schedules resources to meet client commitments and deadlines. Serves as creative project manager and works effectively in a team environment.

Essential functions of the job:

  • Develops designs and innovative ideas for client deliverables
  • Effectively creates layouts with strong typography and appropriate use of colour, images and fonts, allowing for readability of type
  • Develops concepts for packaging design and carries through with the construction of ideas
  • Effectively utilises styles, master pages, templates, tracking, kerning and leading
  • Proficient and remains up-to-date with graphic software tools and equipment required of the position, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Flash, etc.
  • Troubleshoots technical issues in graphic files for pre-press and printing—linking graphics, including fonts and creating colour separations
  • Maintains awareness of “state-of-the-art” techniques, equipment, best practices and developments within the design community
  • Relates design work to the client’s business needs
  • Influences clients to choose an effective design and deliverable solution within budget requirements
  • Negotiates project deadlines to create timelines, determines project scope to define cost estimates, and schedule changes for client approval
  • Assists in establishing vendor lists, maintains vendor relationships, and works with external vendors regarding the coordination of production for external products and services
  • Supports firm brand
  • Understands, implements, and strictly adheres to the quality standards and procedures established by Ernst & Young standards and guidelines
  • May cross-train in additional creative disciplines to provide flexibility during peak times
  • Pursues and shares best practices within the department and among creative staff
  • Utilises the internal procedures to ensure all time and materials are billed correctly, and project instructions and client interactions are fully documented
  • Create timelines and cost estimates for client approval
  • May be asked/required to travel to work at an actual client site or other location as part of a project team providing design, conceptualisation and solutions pertaining to deliverables

Global behavioural competencies:

Embrace and lead change
The ability to anticipate and respond to the changing environment in a practical and effective way, enabling others to do the same.

  • Explain to colleagues and clients how environmental changes alter how we do things
  • Take a lead role in resolving uncertainty among peers
  • When talking about change, illustrate what you mean with practical examples

Help colleagues see the need for change by addressing the fundamental improvements they will help bring about

Promote teamwork
The ability to put our emphasis on teamwork into practice through being a great team member, and/ or team leader, promoting cooperation within and between teams across EY.

  • Help all team members feel they belong
  • Widen your knowledge by participating in teams drawn from other areas of EY, including virtual teams
  • Recognise when team dynamics are adrift and work to put them right
  • Assemble the right team to achieve business goals by creating the right mix of skills and the right conditions
  • Stimulate skill development by encouraging team members to learn from each other
  • Create the structure and conditions to allow information flow within a team
  • Stay positive and focused when team dynamics are difficult
  • Promote openness and involvement from all team members
  • Help the team resolve conflicts and issues
  • Solicit a constant two-way flow of input and feedback

Provide advice and resolve issues
The ability to apply your knowledge of the business and the industry to identify the real issues facing our clients and provide innovative and pragmatic insights and solutions while adhering to our independence and QRM policies.

  • Determine whether a business need or solution requires a supporting change-management effort
  • Assimilate unfamiliar issues rapidly
  • Anticipate process, structural or political issues that could affect the success of our work
  • Blend data, firm policies and judgment to devise a range of workable solutions
  • Solve complex problems in your own and other’s fields, evaluating the benefits and likelihood of success
  • Alert clients to technical developments pronouncements in their own and related industries
  • Communicate effectively with critical stakeholders to increase a solution’s chances of success

Focus on the client
The ability to focus efforts on external and internal clients, address their present and future needs, provide quality service and ensure client satisfaction.

  • Anticipate what clients will want and follow up to check that they’re completely satisfied
  • Demonstrate the value of the team’s work by keeping the client up-to-date, and explaining issues, approaches and solutions (i.e., manage expectations)
  • Help colleagues understand the broader picture of technical, ethical and financial needs
  • Analyse client needs beyond own responsibilities to understand the context for the current work in progress
  • Ensure that the team knows who the important and potential leaders are in client teams
  • Involve clients when planning and preparing work/assignments, and treat them as key members of the team, helping them to understand the policies (firm or regulatory) that impact on their business

Understand the business
The ability to explore and understand the key drivers affecting EY and our clients within the broader business environment.

  • Articulate how different cultures impact the way business is managed across countries
  • Maintain an external focus by keeping up-to-date with professional organisations, markets, trends and legislation
  • Discuss key client developments in a way that furthers team members understanding
  • Analyse the client’s business environment (e.g. industry etc) to understand the context for the services EY offers
  • Alert clients and colleagues to social, economic and demographic trends likely to affect EY and our clients’ business

Plan and deliver work
The ability to deliver projects effectively by splitting them into their component activities and making sure each component is assigned, prioritised and monitored.

  • Set up full project plans rapidly for small project teams, including: objectives, milestones, priorities, team, calendar and nature of deliverables
  • Monitor teams’ progress and regularly update stakeholders on potential overruns and changes; re-negotiate timelines and budgets if necessary
  • Balance multiple priorities by considering risk, importance, level of urgency, political impacts and other linkages
  • Work with team members to break complex goals into ‘bite-sized’ chunks
  • Use the right project tools and methodologies for your practice
  • Alert stakeholders when project scope changes; make the implications clear

Knowledge and skills requirements:

  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Excellent work ethic and the ability to thrive in a time-sensitive environment
  • Advanced skills in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, PowerPoint
  • Proficient in Word and Excel
  • Good concept and design skills
  • Strong portfolio
  • Experience in print production, both in-house and with external vendors
  • Speed and accuracy are crucial to this position

Other requirements:

  • Depending upon workload, this position typically will require overtime.

May be asked/required to travel to work at an actual client site or other locations as part of a project team providing design, conceptualisation and solutions pertaining to deliverables.

Job requirements:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and/or related discipline, or equivalent work experience.

Approximately 2-5 years of related design experience.

For more information about the application procedure please contact Saskia Reuchlin, Manager Recruitment, phone: +31(0)88 – 4073841.

This job description is intended as a guide to reflect the principal functions of the job. However, it is not an all-inclusive listing of the required job functions and functions may vary depending on the particular geographic location of the job and/or the manager. Further, the job description is subject to change at the discretion of management.

A Pre-Employment Screening (PES) and an online assessment are part of our application procedure. The PES consists of an ID/passport and diploma check, a Certificate of Conduct (Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG))  and a background verification.

Vacature informatie

Bedrijf: EY

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO

Arbeidsvoorwaarden: Uitstekend

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