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Bedrijf: Accenture

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: WO


Type: Werkstage



Internship - HR

Let your talent andpassion come together during your internship at one or our Corporate Functionsdepartments. You will bring organizations and communities together all aroundthe globe. If you are an ambitious, innovative, proactive student with greatpeople skills and you want to gain experience within a large internationalconsulting firm? Now is your chance! Are you ready for the adventure? We are looking forward tomeeting you!

Your impact

You can work on one ofthe following topics;


As an intern within theRecruitment team, you are directly involved in all recruitment activitieswithin our department. You will be responsible for the internship officetogether with two fellow students and recruit and select all future internswithin Accenture the Netherlands. This includes activities such as guiding thecandidates through the entire recruitment process from resume review tocontract, use of Social Media, updating the internship website and connect withuniversities. In addition to the recruitment activities, you will beresponsible for the HR guidance for the interns; being responsible for theevaluation process and extensions. You will get the chance to organizecompletely independent events and workshops for the interns and take care of anactive intern community.

During your internship,you collaborate with colleagues from different departments and get to know theorganization from the very inside. You can support the recruitment team invarious ways, for example, you could assist with campus events and helporganize in-house days, think about improvements and share your knowledge withus.

It is possible to writeyour own thesis or another study project linked to the described job above. Wewill give you the opportunity to work on your thesis or project one day a week.Therefore, you can use the knowledge and expertise of Accenture.

Talent Supply Chain

As an intern within the TalentSupply Chain you will be directly involved with all internal staffingactivities in Accenture NL. You will be working closely with our Supply/DemandBalancing leads. Together with them you will be responsible for coordinatingsupply and demand for the projects that Accenture takes on for its clients. Youmake sure the open demand is directed to the right business unitand you makesure the open demand is entered in our systems the right way. When a role cannotbe filled you will support in navigating alternative solutions: there may be aneed to search abroad for the right resources or to hire a subcontractor. Youwill work closely with each of the Career Advisors in our team: their job is tofacilitate the staffing of the employees in the business units they areresponsible for. The Career Advisors will search for a match between the demandcoming from the projects that you work on and the supply of our own employees.Together supply and demand strive for an ideal match between the availablepeople and the skills that are needed on the projects.

If you wish to conduct athesis or research combined with this internship, we will offer you theopportunity to work on that one day per week. You are welcome to use theknowledge and expertise we have within Accenture to that end.

Placein the organization

Corporate Functionssupports and manages our organization’s activities by providing sharedcorporate services, such as Finance, HR and Recruitment, Legal, Procurement,Facilities & Services, and Marketing & Communications

Your background

· AnHBO/WO studies within the field of HR, Management or another studieswithHR affinity

· You’reenrolled in an educational institution during the time of your internship

·You are a team player with excellent communicative skills;

·You are proactive and organized;

·You have a strong personality and are good at networking;

· Youknow your way with excel or are prepared to learn this;

·You can work independantly and you are a go-getter;

·You have analytical skills and are a problem-solver;

·You have an excellent command of the Dutch and English language

Areyou interested?

Are you interested to become aHR intern at Accenture? We are eager to get to know you. Accenture cares about privacy and we process personaldata in accordance with our privacystatement. In order to be compliant with our privacy policy, we kindlyrequest you to apply for the position on the Accenture website. We also kindlyrequest you to let us know in your motivation letter if you have any preferencesfor a specific assignment during your internship. For more questions orinformation about the vacancy please contact Dorine Hogendorp via


Accenture solves thetoughest technological challenges through standout strategy, consulting,digital, technology and operations. Working with over three-quarters of theFortune Global 500, we drive innovation and shape world around us. Withexpertise in more than 40 industries and all business functions, we deliverground-breaking outcomes for a new digital world.


Innovation is aboutbringing different people, ideas, and perspectives together. As an equalopportunities employer, Accenture welcomes all applications and does notdiscriminate.

Stage informatie

Bedrijf: Bedrijf: Accenture

Locatie: Amsterdam

Opleidingsniveau: $}


Type: Werkstage



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